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8 May 2008 - 29 May 2008
Tea Gallery, Sofia, 10 Dimitar Hadjikotsev Str Bulgaria

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Painting Exhibition ‘Maidens and Bells’

On May 8 from 7 PM at Tea Gallery a painting exhibition opens to present the young and talented Bulgarian artist Vili Nikolov. The theme ‘Maidens and Bells’ unites 27 canvases, on which the artist has created an eternal and fantastic world, populated by maids and lads, shepherds and kukeri, white churches and cosy houses, black sheep and motley cocks.

The exhibition will last until May 29 2008 in Tea Gallery, Sofia, 10 Dimitar Hadjikotsev Str.

For contacts:
Margarita Nikolova
+359 2 963 06 05
+359 2 963 11 30

Balkanfolk Calendar
12 May 2008 - 30 May 2008
Dali Art centre, Plovdiv, 1 Krivolak Str. Bulgaria

‘Meeting the mayor, the teacher and the priest’

A touching wink to the traditions

On 12 May from 6 PM in Dali art centre in Plovdiv the exhibition of knitted puppets made by Svetla Hristova will be opened.

The 52 years old artist has given the name to the exhibition ‘Meeting the mayor, the teacher and the priest’. This is a hobby for Svetla Hristova. Her inspiration comes from her children and her grandson. All puppets are knitted or weaved with a lot of desire and love and represent Bulgarians’ favorite fairy tale heroes.

The message that the artist leaves is a hint and a light reminder of the past.

The exhibition will last until 30 May 2008.

Boris Dimitrov
20 May 2008 - 1 Jun 2008
Karlovo, Bulgaria

Rose Festival - Karlovo 2008

Celebration of the Rose - Karlovo 2008

The Rose Festival in the town of Karlovo is organized by "Vassil Levski" cultural club based in the town and will last until 1 June. The celebration includes: the "Queen of the Roses" competition, "Thracian Wedding" ethnographic exhibition and many concerts.

On 31 May 2008 from 8:45 PM in the rose gardens of Karlovo the ritual gathering of roses will be represented by folklore groups from the region of Karlovo along with a parade led by the Queen of the Roses. Form 10:30 AM on the "20th July" square the "Naiden Kirov" ensemble from the town of Rousse will take part in the concert "A Feast in the Valley of Roses".

Photos of "Feast of the Rose"

Program (in bulgarian)

Balkanfolk Calendar
26 May 2008

Ivaylo Notchev
30 May 2008 - 8 Jun 2008
Kathmandu, Lazimpat

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4th International Folk Festival 2008

Everest Nepal Culture Group is expecting about 300 artists of different performing art disciplines from 8 to 10 different countries. A little further, we also expect that the culture of Nepal will be advertised in abroad through the respective participants of different country concern. Finally the culture of Nepal certainly going to attract the participant and their countrymen through this conference. Similarly tourism will also be developing, that is one of the main sources of income for Nepalese people.

Official invitation

Balkanfolk Team
United States of America
30 May 2008
San Francisco, USA

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International Arts Festival San Francisco

We invite you to join us in a gala event celebrating the Croatian contemporary dance ensemble's performance of Angels of Suderac in the San Francisco International Arts Festival. Croatian dancers Sandra Banic, Rina Kotor, Sonja Pregrad, Zrinka Simicic, Liljana Zagorac, Zoran Cica, and Miljecko Bengez will give a demonstration of the choreography by Croatian American Kate Foley.

There will also be a performance of original jazz by Greg Sankovich and ensemble, and traditional songs by the Dalmacijo Singers.

Friday , May 30, 2008 • 8:00 PM • $10

Croatian American Cultural Center
60 Onondaga Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112

Balkanfolk Calendar
United States of America
30 May 2008

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Time again for live music at Cabrillo

The band: ZABAVA!

The date: FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2008
Doors open at 7:30 pm. Music: 8:00 to 11:00 pm.

For those who haven't heard, ZABAVA! means "PARTY!", and that's just
what this band brings to Cabrillo. They play a mixture of music - all
the best - from Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece, plus a few ROM tunes
and much - loved dances from other cultures.

Bill Cope and his group of superb Balkan musicians always go all-out
for our dancers, so let's ALL get to the party on Friday the 30th and
show our appreciation... by DANCING!

Julie Graffagna (vocals & tambura)
Rich Schultz (kaval & percussion)
Brian Fox (vocals, tambura, & guitar)
Tom Farris (tambura & tupan)
Michele Simon (vocals & tupan)
Bill Cope (gajda, tambura, accordion)

Special guest: Mark Forry (vocals, guitar, & tambura)

COST for live music night: $10.00
plus $$ for the tip basket.

BRING SNACKS TO SHARE--sweet, salty, or savory, but please, nothing
requiring plates and utensils. There are no kitchen facilities and no
cleanup service.

PARKING: Parking is FREE in the lot at night.
It isn't necessary to purchase a ticket.

Directions from Santa Cruz:
Take the Park Ave (Capitola) exit and turn left on Park. Go uphill to
Soquel Drive, and turn right on Soquel. Stay in the right lane. The
Cabrillo Gym complex is just past the second signal intersection
(Cabrillo College Drive). Stay on Soquel Drive and turn right at the
next parking lot, after you pass under the pedestrian bridge.
The dance studio is at the northwest corner of the building,
overlooking the intersection of Soquel & Cabrillo College Drive.

See the Campus map:
Room 1117 is on the northwest (upper left) corner of the Gymnasium

Balkanfolk Calendar
United States of America
31 May 2008

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PONTIAN GLENDI Music and Dance from all over Greece

Featuring Greek/Pontic Musicians Michalis Kaliontzidis on Lyra and Yiannis Gevelis on Daouli.

Truly, don't miss this opportunity to hear and dance to one of the best Pontic lyra players from Greece. Reports from their performance in LA last week were that "the musicians were absolutely great and the dancing was fun". If you haven't made your reservation yet, even for the $35 show, contact Effie for a reservation.

Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church
1110 Highland Drive
Ignacio, CA

6pm Reception, 7pm Buffet Dinner, $85.00
After 9pm open for dancing, $35.00

Information and Reservations,
Nikos Savvidis, 707-569-9578
or Effie Fourakis, 415-924-5686
or effiejf@aol.com

Balkanfolk Calendar
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