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Balkanfolk Workshop


Folk Dance, Music and Singing Workshop - Balkanfolk 2011

Learn and have fun!

Learn and have fun at the 14th practical seminar for Balkan folklore – Balkanfolk 2011!

Balkanfolk workshop is a meeting of participants from around the world. Admirers of the Balkan folklore will experience the culture, traditions and customs of the Balkan countries and the beauty of Bulgaria.

The courses for 2011 will be on line on December 2010 !

As an example, Here is a list of the courses for Balkanfolk 2010. 

Musical Instruments
· gaida
· kaval
· dvoyanka, duduk
· gadoulka
· tamboura
· tapan
· tarambouka
· accordion - Serbian music
· accordion - Bulgarian music

Folklore dances
· Bulgarian folk dances
· Serbian folk dances

Folklore Singing
· Bulgarian folk singing

· Bulgarian language



There will be 8 educational days and the maximum number of courses per day is 5. Balkanfolk gives an opportunity to those who wish to attend the seminar without taking part in the courses. Participants will have the advantage of spending some unforgettable days in the unique atmosphere of Koprivshtitsa and the entertaining folklore evenings with Balkanfolk’ orchestra and singers.

folklore dance courses are held in groups  and last 90 minutes. The  programme, prepared by the teachers Emil Genov - Bulgarian traditional dances and Vladimir Mutavdzhich – Serbian traditional dances, covers all the ethnographical regions of Bulgaria and Serbia. Folk dance courses are accompanied by live music.

The musical instrument
courses are individual and last 60 minutes. Bulgarian folklore singing and Bulgarian language courses are held in groups or individually and last 60 minutes.

Upon arrival each participant is provided with an individual schedule of the courses for which they have registered.

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