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International Arts Festival San Francisco
United States of America
30 May 2008
San Francisco, USA

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International Arts Festival San Francisco

We invite you to join us in a gala event celebrating the Croatian contemporary dance ensemble's performance of Angels of Suderac in the San Francisco International Arts Festival. Croatian dancers Sandra Banic, Rina Kotor, Sonja Pregrad, Zrinka Simicic, Liljana Zagorac, Zoran Cica, and Miljecko Bengez will give a demonstration of the choreography by Croatian American Kate Foley.

There will also be a performance of original jazz by Greg Sankovich and ensemble, and traditional songs by the Dalmacijo Singers.

Friday , May 30, 2008 • 8:00 PM • $10

Croatian American Cultural Center
60 Onondaga Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112

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