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6 Apr 2008
Sydney, Australia

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Women Up Front

The exceptional soprano and Bandura player Larissa Burak performs music of her homeland, the Ukraine. Silvia Entcheva sings traditional and ancient Bulgarian songs in a voice which is both powerful and stunningly wistful. Tonight is a rare opportunity to hear these two incredible vocalists in collaboration.

Sunday 6 April,
Glen Street Theatre

Web bookings unavailable please call 1800 688 482 or www.cafecarnivale.com.au

Balkanfolk Calendar
13 Apr 2008 - 20 Apr 2008
Ploërmel (Morbihan, Bretagne), France

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Dance Workshops Bretagne-Macedonia-Ireland

4 workshops:
- Ireland with PATRICK O'DEA
- Bretagne with YVES LEBLANC
- Bulgaria with Nikolay Tsvetkov
- Greek Macedonia with YANNIS KONSTANTINOU

The term day for subscribing expires on 7 January 2008,. If that is not the case UER 30 should be paid in addition.

Translation in English: Vera Genova


Sylvain Machefert
13 Apr 2008 - 17 Apr 2008
Ploërmel (Morbihan, Bretagne, France)

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Greek music workshop (accordion - clarinet)

The term day for subscribing expires on 7 January 2008. If that is not the case UER 30 should be paid in addition.

2 workshops:
- Chromatic accordion with THIMIOS GOGIDIS (Greek Thrace)
- Greek clarinet with YANNIS MAVROS (Greece)
This workshop is for not-beginners musicians, with a good knowledge of their instrument.
Work style, ornamentation, variations, accompanying dance, phrasing ...

Translation in English: Vera Genova


Sylvain Machefert
16 Apr 2008
Sofia - National Palace of Culture, Hall 11

Folklore Ensembles Concert

On 16 April a concert of folklore ensembles will be held as a part of the programme of the annual venue “New Bulgarian Music ‘08”, organized by the Union of Bulgarian Composers and National Palace of Culture. Amongst the performers are the orchestra of the national folklore ensemble Philip Koutev, conducted by Georgi Andreev, the folklore choir of the national school of folklore arts at the town of Kotel, conducted by Katia Barulova, the Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, conducted by Dora Hristova, Academic folklore choir at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts at the town of Plovdiv, conducted by Kostadin Buradzhiev. The performed pieces were composed by Anastas Naumov (1928), Angel Dobrev (1957), Atanas Iliev (1940), Gencho Genchev (1942), Milcho Vassilev (1949), Nikolay Kaufman (1925), Peter Lyondev (1936), Stefan Chapkanov (1938).

16 April 2008, Wednesday
Sofia – Bulgaria
National Palace of Culture
Hall 11
7 PM

Balkanfolk Calendar
18 Apr 2008 - 25 Apr 2008
Antalya, Turkey

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9th International Antalya Children Festival

9th International Antalya Children Festival organized by FOMGED Youth Club in Antalya, Turkey.

Children throughout the world will meet again in a Fomged Festival, which is participated by thousands of children annually, and will send their friendly and peacefully messages to the whole world from Antalya.

Balkanfolk Calendar
18 Apr 2008 - 20 Apr 2008

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Димитър Тодоров
19 Apr 2008 - 24 Apr 2008
Bergama - İzmir / TURKEY

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XII.Intern. Pergamon Chıld Festıval

Dear Director,

Our best wishes from Bergama your twin-city.

We are very glad to honored to be in contact with you and your folk dance group. I would like to invite you and “Welcome” you to our XII.International Children Folk Dance and Music festival.
This festival program includes folk dance and folk music performances, sport tournaments between dance groups, picnics, historical visits etc.

Arif Sönmez

Arif Sönmez
19 Apr 2008
Kotel, Bulgaria

Web Site
5th National competition ‘Golden Crook’

The 5th National Competition ‘Golden Crook’ will take place on the 19 April 2008 in the town of Kotel under the patronage of the chairman of the school trustees Mr. Parush Nedelchev, the Methodic Union for Bulgarian Dances and Philip Koutev National School of Folk Arts at the town of Kotel, Municipality of Kotel.

The competition is an annual celebration of the unique, eternal and self-sufficient resources of the variety of the Bulgarian dances. The success of the former competitions put frames to its main aims: give motivation to young performers to preserve and develop folklore dances, to become a place of exchange of newly methodics of the modern education of folklore performers. It’s target is to find, support and protect talented children.

For further details for the regulations of the competition and a subscriber’s application form please visit the site of Philip Koutev National School of Folk Arts at the town of Kotel - www.nufi-kotel.com

Balkanfolk Calendar
20 Apr 2008 - 25 Apr 2008

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Cagfen College International Children Folk Dance Festival

Cagfen College International Children Folk Dance Festival will be held in Eskisehir on 20-25 April 2008.

Eskisehir is very beautiful city that is 3 hour away from capital city Ankara and 5 hour away from Istanbul.

Intention is to introduce our country, to provide getting together different cultures and creating new friendship between all children in the festival for 7-13 age of children.
It will be very interesting and nice for us to host you and your group in our festival.

20 Apr 2008 - 25 Apr 2008
Özdere, Izmir

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International Children Folklore Folkdance & Music Festival

“Ege Folkart Youth Club” will organize International Children Festival in 20-25 April 2008 with Özdere Municipality – Izmir, Turkey
For contact: Arif Sönmez
IOV-Intern. Festıvals Comm.Member of Turkey

International Children Festival
Official Form

Arif Sönmez
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