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The Download section offers a wide range of folklore songs and instrumental melodies performed by different folklore singers and musicians. This is the wealthiest MP3 collection of Bulgarian folklore instrumental pieces from all parts of the country. You can also download some music free of charge. Please write us, If you want to include your performances.

Some photos, notes of folklore music, descriptions of folklore dances and videos are to be added as well.

New Mp3s
Album Play Title Duration Artist Price Buy
Gankino horo
Bulgaria - Moesia
2'16" Zornitsa Orchestra €0.99
Varnensko horo
Bulgaria - Dobroudzha
2'30" Zornitsa Orchestra €0.99
Bulgaria - Thrace
2'43" Zornitsa Orchestra €0.99
Bulgaria - Macedonia
3'03" Zornitsa Orchestra €0.99
Sedi Donka
Bulgaria - Thrace
2'05" Zornitsa Orchestra €0.99

Free Download
Krivo horo
Top Listen
Kamishitsa 896
Vlashko horo 397
Graovsko horo 342
Za poyas 320
Krivo horo 316
Bera 248
Danke 230
Petrunino horo 225
Dzhanguritsa 224
Varnensko horo 218
Vodeno horo 214
Cherkezko horo 209
Gankino horo 204
Glavinishko horo 193
Kavadar 190

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