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Photos of the Feast of the Rose 2008 - Karlovo and Kazanlak
26 May 2008

Photos of the annual celebrations of the rose in Karlovo and Kazanlak - Rose Valley, Bulgaria. Photos from First National Dance Festival "Tapan bie, horo se vie" organized by culture house "Zhar" - Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

Folk Dance Competition "Tapan bie, horo se vie" - Kazanlak Celebrations of the rose - Bulgaria Celebration of the Rose, Kazanlak - Bulgaria Jasmin Folk Dance Group - Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgarian Folk Dance Competition "Tapan bie, horo se vie" International Folklore Festival - Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Folk Dance Competition "Tapan bie, horo se vie" - Kazanlak

Folk Dance Competition "Tapan bie, horo se vie" - Kazanlak
04.06.2008, Zhasmina Toskova
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