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20 Jun 2012 - 20 Aug 2012
N.Skioni / Halkidiki - GREECE

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Intern.Gogakou Chıldren Folk Camp

In a small village of Kassandra, we have created "Once upon a time", with much artistic feeling and love for children and man, tradition, nature and life... "Once upon a time... Means holidays and relaxation! Entertainment and action! Daring and adventure! A live fairytale-like reality...

In a ravine where holly, myrtles, arbutuses rove their braches. At a place where nightingales compose their musical symphonies In a valley whose boundaries are set by pine clad mountainsides.
Near the unique natural spring of Kassandra "Patatlaka", where gurgling waters spring from the heart of the mountain...
...at a place with a climate that can be compared to no other. At New Skioni, located at the peninsula of Kassandra in the prefecture of Halkidiki, only 1 km from the northeastern part of the picturesque village. All tradition gathered in this valley which seems as if untouched by time; however you will discover that time here is never enough if you want to see everything.

With the initiative of Dimitra Papachristodoulou - Gogakou, educator by profession, who wanted to give sound principles to her children - pupils and dreamt of a live folklore workshop, we created "Once upon a time..." with much artistic feeling and love for children and man, tradition nature and life.
Children are approximately the same age, forming small groups with an older person us their team leader, stay in small modern houses.
Experienced educators and trainers have prepared special programs concerning entertainment, creative and athletic activities.
Special care to the health of children, offered 24 hours a day by a doctor or a nurse.
Because technology has made man arrogant and egocentric Because we think that environmental education does not work when man face environment authoritatively. Because the "Nature-Animals-Man" triptych must retain a balance
Because man can never realize the fact that man and environment are interdependent by means of words but by experience and actions. This is the reason why we created "Once upon a time"
At its live folklore workshops you will see nature, man, animals in an interdependent harmonic and balanced relationship.
At "Once upon a time" you will see no dead exhibition areas.
You will experience live tradition, a fairytale-like reality, a game of tradition and life, of nature, man, animals, in as ideal relationship.

Arif Sönmez
Generel Representatıve

Arif Sönmez
9 Jul 2012 - 13 Aug 2012
Krakow - POLAND

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Intern.Art Festıval

Folk dance groups, choirs, modern dance groups, wind bands, majorettes

Date: 09. 08. 2012. - 13. 08. 2012. (5 days, 4 nights)
Participation fee: 125 euro per person (half board)
Free over 25 below 40 for 2 person, over 40 for 3 persons!
Accomodation: hotel with 1/3, 1/4 rooms
Date for apply: 30. 11. 2011.
Participant groups should 20 euro per person after
receiving the official invitation, until 20. 12. 2011.
Number of participants: no limited
Number of group: no limited Performances: 2-3 (25-35’)

Arif Sönmez
19 Jul 2012 - 1 Aug 2012
Naxos, Cyclads, Greece

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Traditionnal Greek Dances, Seminar - Festival -Workshop, Summer 2012

We're all Greeks. By love, by passion, by roots. And, now, by solidarity.

This year, this summer, we'll all say and share our true, deep and strong passion for Greece : passion for Greek dancing, Greek music, Greek tradition, Greek culture.

More than ever, Greeks need our friendship, our presence, our love.

From July 19th to August 1st, 2012, the Greek cultural and non-profit "Nisiotis" association organizes and warmly suggests the yearly dance-seminar, workshop & festival.
Come with us, and do share with us this very unique experience !

Village-people, musicians, dancers, teachers, inn-keepers, friends, neighbours : all our Naxian friends actively participate !
They just wait for you, for us.

Much more than a dance-seminar : a true festival, with 12 days packed with live music, joy, celebration and life !

If Greeks are facing an unprecedented crisis, they still have an incredible wealth, that none will take, borrow nor steal : their outstanding music, their exceptionnal dances, their extraordinary folk culture, their unique tradition.

This is short video, to discover and start enjoying our seminar & festival :


Our programm, during 12 days :

* dance courses in the morning
* visits of the villages of Naxos, with our bus & driver
* dinner within a different tavern, each night
* dances again...
* and of course celebrations, the famous "panigiris", and many surprises...

This year, we'll learn the dances from all Greek Islands :

* Cyclads : Naxos, Mykonos, Andros, Amorgos, Siphnos, Kythnos, Tzia/Kea, Milos & Kimolos, Seriphos, Paros
* Dodecanese : Kos, Leros, Rodos, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kassos
* North-East Aegean : Samos, Ikaria, Hios, Lesvos/Mytilene, Limnos
* Crete
* Kythira

All together, more than 25 islands, and a unique journey through Greek tradition, history and culture...

6 teachers will be with us : Apostolis, Dimitris, Mihalis, Iannis, Manolis, Marina !

The seminar takes place in Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclads.
Our hotel is within a magical fishing harbour, just in front of the sea...

Please find enclosed a detailed presentation, and your registration form : do not be too late to send it back ! ευχαριστώ !

Those are some other short videos, to discover the enchanting beauty of Naxos :





Please feel free to reach us for any question !

I do look forward to warmly welcoming you in Naxos, for a unique experience !

And please do share this e-mail with your friends, do feel free to forward it to whomever may be interested !!

Very friendly yours,


(+33)(0)6 03 78 28 77

Presentation of the seminar
Registration Form for the Seminar

philippos dellatolas
1 Aug 2012 - 5 Aug 2012
Odoorn, The Netherlands

Web Site
SIVO 28th International Folklore Festival

The festival takes place every year during the 31st week, starting on Wednesday and up to and including Sunday. In 2012 (28th edition) from August 1 - August 5.
Groups are expected to arrive on Tuesday before and leave on Monday after the festival. Up to 15 foreign groups and 4 Dutch groups can participate.

The guests will stay with host families in Odoorn and surrounding villages. It is a festival in the open air; groups will dance on six stages situated in the 'dance area'.

Programme: There are six dance sessionssin which all the groups perform. There are extra shows in the Gala shows and the extra dance sessions, ‘the last rounds’. The festival is opened and closed with a swinging parade of all the participating groups.

On average some 35,000 people come to see the different shows of the groups. During the weekend there is an international folkloristic market in which the foreign groups and Dutch hobbyists can participate.

During the festival the members of the groups have every chance to meet each other. At the 'Ball of the Nations' they have a very special chance to do so. SIVO can organize the yearly festival due to the dedication and enthusiasm of hundreds of host families and hundreds of workers, all volunteers.

The festival is a marvellous big event for the members of the participating groups who can make music, sing and dance to their hearts' content and for the audience who can enjoy this. In an atmosphere of peace and friendship they have every chance to achieve the IOV-motto: "We build bridges from nation to nation, from man to man".

SIVO is a member of IOV (the International Organization of Folk Arts, settled in Mödling, Austria) and of CIOFF (The International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art)

Boris Dimitrov
1 Aug 2012 - 7 Aug 2012
Katerini, Pieria, Greece

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1st International Folk Festival in Katerini, Pieria, Greece

The festival will be held in Katerini, Pieria (68 km from Thessaloniki), the land of the ancient Thracian tribe “Pieres” and the Muses, on the flanks of Mount Olympus, the mythological residence of the ancient Greek pantheon, and close to the coasts of the blue Aegean Sea. It will be held during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the independece of the region. We expect that the festival will provide oportunities to the participants to learn about different cultures and people, create new friendships, exchange experience and contacts with other folk groups.

Type of groups that can participate: Traditional folk dance groups from Europe

- Number and age of participants is not limited,
- The group should have prepared at least 10-15 minutes program accompanied by orchestra or CD,
- Each group should bring a flag of their country,
- Transport to and from the airport is on the group’s expenses. However, the organizing committee can provide transport to and from the airport on reasonable prices.

Registration fee:
The registration fee is 150 Euros per person which includes
- 7 days (6 nights) (half board - breakfast and dinner) in 2* hotels (in three-bed rooms) by the seaside of Pieria
- Only 3-4 performances for each group in the Festival
- After each performance meal will be offered to the participants
- Parade and presentation of the groups will be held at the central square
- Certificates of participation will be given
- Invitation letter will be provided if needed
- Every 25 participants one is free.

The participation fee DOES NOT include:
- If accommodation is exceeded, it will cost 25 Euros a day per person (half board - breakfast and dinner) in 2* hotels (in three-bed rooms)
- accommodation in double rooms, in case of availability, will cost an extra five euros a day per person
- Optional Tours (e.g. Mount Olympus, Archaeological sites of Dion and Vergina, traditional villages, coastal areas and beaches). Seasonal prices vary according to the number of participants.
- First aid and emergency support will be provided, but medical services must be covered by the group. The participant’s safety is on their personal responsibility.

* The final programme of the festival could be changed by the organizers if needed. Upon arrival, a detailed program of the festival and a person in charge will be provided to each group.

** The registration form should be sent before 31st of May, 2012 in order to confirm your participation. Once you have submitted your registration form, a confirmation will be delivered to you along with payment instructions. 30% of the total amount should be paid before 10th of June, 2012. The invitation letter will be sent to you after reveivimg your payment receipt. The rest of the total ammount for the group, must be received one week before your arrival in Pieria. In case of cancellation no refund will be given.

We are looking forward to meeting and cooperating with your group at our festival.

P.S. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

Propantos Organization Center
Mistra 2
60100 Katerini, Greece
Tel-fax: 00492351030787, mob 6973854977, 6977168392, e-mail: propantos@gmail.com

1st International Folk Festival
Registration Form

Vassilis Gerovassileiou
3 Aug 2012 - 5 Aug 2012
Tsarevets village, Municipality of Svishtov, Veliko Tarnovo

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National Folk Festival "Folkloren izvor 2012"

For the second time the National Cultural Center "Svetlina - Tsarevets 1927" organized the National Folk Festival "Folkloren izvor 2012," (Folklore spring) which will be held on 3, 4 and 5 August 2012 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in the village of Tsarevets, Svishtov municipality - Veliko Tarnovo.

The festival is a competition.

The festival aims to preserve, popularize and develop folk song and dance art of Bulgaria;
- To maintain the cultural relationships between amateur and professional teams from the country;
- To promote the continuity of the younger generation to actively communicate with art.

For contacts and information:
06 329/26 10, 22 06
0886 165 861 Mr. Genchev,
0882 334 522 Ms Angelova

Below you can download "Application Form" and the Statute of the festival.

Application Form

Boris Dimitrov
4 Aug 2012 - 5 Aug 2012
Тhe "Predel" locality, Razlog

Web Site
XIII Festival of Folk Arts "Pirin Sings"

On 4 and 5 August 2012 will be held XIII Festival of Traditional Folk Arts "Pirin Sings".

The "Pirin Sings" Festival was first organized in 1962, and until 1985 it is held every five years. In 1985, this outstanding manifestation of the authentic Pirin folklore traditions ceased. The Pirin Sings was successfully restoring in 1997, after a 12 years period and by declaring its presence in the cultural life of Bulgaria and Pirin with the intention to promote and preserve the unique folklore heritage of Southwest Bulgaria. The Seventh Festival was held in 1999. Over 200,000 people from Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, South Corea, USA, Germany, Sweden, etc., visit traditionally this glorious forum of the Bulgarian spirit and take part in it.

The festival occurs every 2 years in the "Predel" locality - between the two great Bulgarian mountains Rila and Pirin.

Organizer of the fair folk art "Pirin Sings" is Razlog municipality and district administration - Blagoevgrad.

Balkanfolk Calendar
5 Aug 2012 - 9 Aug 2012
Pirot, Serbia

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International Folklore Festival PIROT 2012

Dear friends,

The International Folklore Festival in Pirot, Serbia in 2011, he was named for the event of the year in our city.

For that, first of all responsible participants of the Festival: Bulgaria, Mexico, Turkey, Portugal, Slovenia and Serbia, and of course-I-organizer of Culture Pirot.

This year the festival takes place from 05 to 09 August.

Applications for participation in the festival began. Report their ensembles, and come to Pirot to socialize.

Information is available both in the International Folklore Festival Pirot and via e-mail address borkosop@gmail.com.

We are expecting you!

Borivoje Stojanovic
5 Aug 2012
Pirot, Republika Serbia

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Pirot Culture Hall organizes the Folk Festival for already seven years within the manifestation “Cultural summer of Pirot”.

Last year participation in the Festival was taken by:
Ensemble “As saileniras de lavos”-Portugal,
Folklore group “Tine Rozanc”-Slovenia,
Dance ensemble “Orisaba”-Mexico,
Ensemble “Tuana”-Turkey, Ensemble
and Pirot Culture Hall Ensemble-Serbia.

The Festival lasted for 5 days (from 05th till 09th of August). During the Festival, each day in afternoon hours there were parades in the town streets, and in the evening hours there were concerts of all participants in the town’s square.

These parades and concerts were viewed by 10.000 spectators.

The Festival has a review character and its purpose is to bring together peoples and cultures of participating countries through dance, song and good time.

This year’s Festival is planned to be held from 05th till 09th of August 2012. Eight folklore ensembles from the country and abroad with a total of 280 participants are intended to take part.
The media coverage for the Festival is to be provided by the National TV (“RTS”) and local media (TV PIROT, PI CANAL, weekly magazine “Sloboda”...), and “FOLKLORE MAGAZINE” from Belgrade.

Contact person: Borko Stojanovic, coreographer
Address: Culture Hall Pirot, Srpskih vladara Street 77, 18300 Pirot, Serbia
Phone/fax: +381 10 321-666
Phone: +381 10 313 972
E-mail: dkpirot@yahoo.com, borkosop@gmail.com

Borivoje Stojanovic
13 Aug 2012

Web Site

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