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North Macedonia
22 Apr 2012 - 4 May 2012
TOURING MACEDONIA Skopje - Ohrid - Berovo

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NEW! Spring Seminar 22.04 - 04.05.2012

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Skopje - Ohrid - Berovo


April 22nd - arriving at Skopje airport, accommodation. Free afternoon and sightseeing in the center of the city.
Dinner with live music, dancing and fun.

April 23-24th - SKOPJE
Dancing classes, singing classes, visits to the local dance groups and TANEC national dance ensemble.
Visiting museums, Mountain Vodno and Boat trip on Matka lake.
Visiting Shuto Orizari - the largest Roma community in the world...

Visiting local dance group, villages, boat trip to St, NAUM, museums, churches.
Every day: Dancing and singing classes and dinner with live music.

Dancing and singing classes every day with local dance teachers. Feel the ambiance of " MACEDONIAN PEARL FOLK SEMINAR". Picnic in the mountain on the Macedonian - Bulgarian boarder with brass band. Hiking.
Visiting Roma neighborhood in Berovo and dancing with local dance teachers and local people on the main sqare. Visiting villages like Ratevo- ratevka dance. Vladimirovo visit.

May 3rd - trip to Skopje and accommodation

May 4th - early morning trip to Skopje airport

Total Price per person for Macedonian trip is 1000 Euro.

All the accommodation will be in double bed rooms.
All the hotels will be 3 and 4 stars.

Price includes all transportation from Skopje airport to Skopje, Skopje - Ohrid, Ohrid - Berovo, Berovo- Skopje, Skopje - airport.
Also included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, boat trips, dancing singing classes, live music, museum tickets.

Goran Alacki
Czech Republic
1 May 2012 - 6 May 2012

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Dear friends ,
We invite you to participate in the THE IX. –X.INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL – CONTEST OF CHILDRENS AND YOUTH CREATIVITY „„THE BLOSSOMING SAXONY“ The festival is held from 1st. to 6th.of May 2012/2013 in Krusnohorske theatre of Teplice, National House of Vinohrady in Prague; City Hall of Karlovy Vary, Dresden & Berlin UNDER THE PATRONAGE:City Hall of Prague, Ministry of the education of the Czech Republic, President of the Usti region. Participants:Children and youths groups and soloists performers at 6 to 25 years take part in the following nominations: Choreography (folk, classical, modern, variety dance, ball and contemporary dance, freestyle, disco, hip –hop, jazz & tap dance) ;Singing (folk, academic, variety) – solo, groups and choirs ;Singing for the students of music schools (folk, academic, variety) – solo, groups and choirs; Folk instruments – groups (large and small), orchestras; Instrumental music – groups , Show program’s - Original genres, Music& Theatrical genres; including fine art students and decorative –applied art studios.
Main events:
• Competition in different categories;
• Opening ceremony with concert of the participants;
• Series of master - classes of maestros from foreign countries.
• Conference ;
• Teachers club ( creative meetings )
• Entertainment for children, meetings with foreign groups, parties, sight- sing of the historical places in the different city’s of Czech Republic and Europe
• Awarding ceremony and gala concert .
FINANCIAL CONDITIONS.The price of accommodation according the program “A” or “B” . Program A: Participation fee for the one participant 20 EUR, Soloist 100 EUR, Program B: Participation fee for the one participant 25 EUR, Soloist 100 EUR
After submitted of the application form, the group receives the invoice for the first advance payment 500EUR, which will be including to the original invoice.
Special prizes: GRAND-PRIX CERTIFIKAT FOR THE 3 YEARS FREE PARTICIPATION IN THE ONE OF THE FESTIVALS BY ENDOWMENT FUND INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FORUM! The 1st. Laureates, will get the free tour to the EUROPE FESTIVAL TOURThe winners will be invited to the summer festival in the South Bohemia!
For further information don’t be hesitate to contact us.We are looking forward to meet you in the Czech Republic! Organization board : ENDOWMENT FUND INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF YOUTH - Tatarkova 733/2, 149 00 Praha 4. Сzech Republic Tel: +420 222 240 697, Tel/ Fax: +420 246 037 341 , Fax: + 420 267 911 783E-mail: festival@praha-cz.net ; www.children-festivals.com ; www.plein- air.cz; www.advent-in-prague.cz

Anastasia Drbalova
4 May 2012 - 7 May 2012
Kremikovtzi, Bulgaria

Web Site
VI International Festival "Gergyovsko veselie" Kremikovtsi 2012

VI International Festival "Gergyovsko veselie" Kremikovtsi 2012

National Cultural Center "Svetlina Kremikovtzi 1906" for the sixth consecutive year organized International Festival "Gergyovsko veselie" 2012 will be held from 04 to 7 May 2012 in Sofia, Kremikovtzi, featuring folklore troupes from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and others.

For the first time this year will be held for dancing lovers and performers of Bulgarian dances and rachenitsi.

04. May - Opening of the festival on the square in front of Cultural Center "Svetlina Kremikovtzi 1906"

May 5 - Day of Saint George and modern dance clubs for dancing folk dances.

May 6 - holiday concert on stage at the Kremikovtsi Monastery

We invite everyone to join us, as spectators or participants - select yourself.

Contact: kremikovtsifest@abv.bg

tel +359 884707092 Yordanka Kirilova Secretary NS "Svetlina Kremikovtzi 1906"
Street "Radivoya" 2
Sofia 1849, Kremikovtsi

Boris Dimitrov
United Kingdom
5 May 2012 - 11 May 2012
Prague – Berlin – Paris – Nuremberg – Decin

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Festival -tour performances Sympathy of Euro Parks

Dear friends ,
We invite you to participate in the The Festival -tour performances in the different Euro parks & city’s for the Laureates of the Festivals and new participants.The Sympathy of Euro Parks(Prague – Berlin – Paris – Nuremberg – Decin). From 31st. of March to 6th. of April 2012 Registration deadline 10th. of January; From 5th. of May to 10th. of May 2012 -Registration deadline 28th. of February; From 30th. of May to 6th. of July 2012 -Registration deadline 15th. of March;From 31st. of October to 6th. of November 2012 -Registration deadline: 20th.of September. FREE ENTRANCY FOR PARTICIPANTS TO PARIS DISNEYLAND!
Non-competitive Festival for the participants from 9 to 18 years in the groups of at least 21 participants, including a minimum of 10 performers is held in the following categories: Choreography – groups (folk -ethnic dance, classic – neo-classic dance, Modern Jazz, Tap, Variety Dance, formation in Ballroom & Latin-American dance , disco dance large and small formation, Hip-Hop, Acrobatic Dance ); Musical Theatres Singing (folk, academic, variety, jazz, pop) – groups and choirs ; Singing for the students of music schools (folk, academic, variety) – groups and choirs; Folk instruments – groups (large and small), orchestras ; Instrumental music – groups (Chamber Orchestras, Symphonic Wind Ensembles, Brass orchestras and others)
For further information don’t be hesitate to contact us.We are looking forward to meet you in the Czech Republic! Organization board : ENDOWMENT FUND INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF YOUTH - Tatarkova 733/2, 149 00 Praha 4. Сzech Republic Tel: +420 222 240 697, Tel/ Fax: +420 246 037 341 , Fax: + 420 267 911 783E-mail: festival@praha-cz.net ; www.children-festivals.com ; www.plein- air.cz; www.advent-in-prague.cz

Anastasia Drbalova
12 May 2012 - 15 May 2012
Vlora, Albania

4-th "Aulona" International Folk Festival Festival

4-th International Folk Festival “Aulona” will take place in Vlora on the 12 to 15 May 2012

Organizer of the Festival is the Cultural Center "Aulona”, Vlore.

The festival has a spectacular and source character and is part of the Cultural Tourism of the costal city of Vlore.
The opening date of the Festival will be 12 May 2012. This is also the opening day of the Summer Touristic Season of Vlore for 2012.

Expected to take part about 10 Ensembles from different countries of Europe and World and also folk groups invited from Vlore and other cities of the country. The festival is part of CIOFF Calendar and relies on his principles. The festival takes place in an open stage and the last Night Concert will be of selected performances of the groups.

For all participating groups there will be divided the emblem of the Festival and for best group there will be the Cup Festival.

National Ensemble of Songs and Dances, TIRANA - Albania
The Cultural Assocation "LOLA" - Bosna i Hercegovina
Folk Ensemble “Zornitsa”, Sofia - Bulgaria
KUD “Koprivnica“ – Croatia
Folklore and Cultural Association “KOSTILATA” - Greece
Group "La Giostra" - “Trischele”, Sortino - Italy
Ensemble “Lidhja e Prizrenit“, Prizren – Kosovo
Folk Dance Ensemble "Danilgrad" - Montenegro
Folk Group “Ziemia Żywiecka” - Poland
The Folklore Ensemble “LIPA” – Slovakia

Boris Dimitrov
13 May 2012

Web Site

Boris Dimitrov
15 May 2012 - 20 May 2012
Chaniotis, Greece

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International Children’s Folk Festival “Hanioti 2012”


Hanioti is the pearl of the Greek sea which has more than 200 000 European tourists every year. It is situated on the first finger of the peninsula Chalkidiki in Northern Greece 100km south-east from Thessaloniki. It is a modern, touristic place with lots of beautiful hotels and suits. It also has a long sandy beach. In the very centre of Hanioti there is an amphitheatre in which the festival is held accompanied by several thousands of visitors.

The accommodation is organized in de lux suits and hotels with 1/3 and 1/4 rooms 5 minutes from the centre and the beach. Only 2 double rooms are available per group which can be used for the leaders and drivers. On the main square around the amphitheatre there are traditional restaurants in which we organize breakfast and lunch. During the festival every ensemble has at least two shows- the main one in Hanioti and the other in one of the places of Municipality of Pallini. The shows are organized in the evening hours with a short defile at the start. After the shows the participants receive certificates and exchange gifts.

During free days it is possible to organize rehearsals in the amphitheatre.

• Cruising (9.30-16.30h) for all interested participants – party on the ship. The ship sails through bay to the second peninsula making brakes for swimming and sightseeing (price – 10 € per person).

• Last day on the way back (or any one before) it is possible to organize visit: to an exciting amusement park – Magic Park, (17.00 – 20.00h, 8 euro per person)

Conditions to fulfill to participate in the festival:
• Participants should be children from the age of 5 to 18

• Ensembles and singing groups need to have at least 10 minutes of programme

• Participation fee is 120 € per person and covers accommodation for 5 nights,HB (breakfast, lunch), and expenses of the festival organization.

The festival plan:
1 day – arrival in the morning – lunch and free activities. Meeting with the Leaders of the groups at 20:00.
2 day – free activity until evening and performance at 7
3 day – free activity until evening and performance at 7
4 day – free activity cruising 9.30 a.m - 4.30 p.m.
5 day – free activity until evening hours and performance at 7 p.m. and one hour party for the children
6 day – departure (after breakfast). The groups can use whole day on the beach...

During the last 6 years more than 5000 children from all over Europe participated on the Festival in Hanioti for what we are very proud to announce that.

In attachment you can find more info about the festival and application form.
Also you can visit our web site www.makfolk.com

Festival Conditions
Application form

Makfolk Association
19 May 2012 - 20 May 2012
Dradoman, Bulgaria

International Folklore Festival "Nishavski horovod"

International Folklore International Folklore Festival "Nishavski horovod" will be held on 19 and 20 May 2012 Dragoman.

Once again Dragoman is hosting a major cultural event. The beginning was made ​​by the National Cultural Center "Dragoman" and the Center for Culture - Dimitrovgrad Republic of Serbia in 2001. The festival is traditionally held prior to May 24.

Rali Angelova
23 May 2012

Balkanfolk Calendar
24 May 2012
Florentin village, Bulgaria

Web Site
Holiday of church "Voskresenie Gospodne"

Dear friends,

National community centre "Probuda - 1925" Florentin village, combined with mayor vicarage and church board of church "Voskresenie Gospodne" Florentin village organize the church holiday "Voskresenie Gospodne" ( Spasov Den ) on 24.05.2012 in the church.

The program includes:

8:30 - lithurgy,

10:00 - folklore program of an ensemble for folk dances "Florentiana" which will make first appearence with totally new repertoire with the assistance of "Balkanfolk" Ltd.,

10:30ч.- Kurban

Balkanfolk Calendar
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