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17 Aug 2012 - 19 Aug 2012
Zheravna, Bulgaria

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The “Bulgare” foundation in collaboration with the administratives staff of the municipalities of Kotel, and the Zheravna village, the “Association for Zheravna“ and foundation “Bona Fide”, have joined their efforts in order to organize a marvelous, and incredible festival, which will be attempt to create a machine of the time creating the atmosphere of the previous epoch by the “Festival of the folklore costume”.The “Bulgare” foundation -Zheravna 2012.

At 17,18 and 19 of August, thousands of people from every part of Bulgaria will dance, sing and play music together, as their grand fathers and grand mothers a century ago. The basic concept of the present festival will be the original traditional costumes. Everybody will be dressed in original traditional costume which will be typical for the folklore region of his place of origin. Everyone who will take participation to the festival, will enjoy the authentic atmosphere, supplied by the organization of the festival.

The eating will be also represented by dishes of the traditional Bulgarian kitchen, as “cheverme”-rolled lamb on fire, traditional vegetable salads, hot fresh round loafs. For drinking there will be red wine and typical Bulgarian “rakia”- brandy. The music will be presented by the typical bag-pipes. Various traditional customs, related to Bulgarian traditional culture will be shown: masquerades, mummers, wrestler-games, etc. Special performances of dancing on hot embers, known as “Nestinarsky igry” will be represented. Different products of Bulgarian hand-make crafts will also be represented.

It is desirable to carry Bulgarian national costume, if You would like to take participance in the festival in Zheravna village.

If You like to have Bulgarian national costume, than the “Bulgare” foundation will assist You to select it, and it will supply it to You.
Contacts :

tel.02 / 841 10 33

email: ra_bulgare@abv.bg
Official site of the festival: www.nosia.bg

Festival of folk costume Zheravna 2012

Konstantin Lazarov
17 Aug 2012 - 21 Aug 2012
Csongrad - HUNGARY

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Intern.Wine Festival

Modern dance groups, wind bands, majorettes, folk dance groups

Date: 17. 08. 2012. - 21. 08. 2012. (5 days, 4 nights)
Participation fee: 100 euro per person (3 meals per day)
Free over 25 below 40 for 2 person, over 40 for 3 persons!
Accomodation: student hostels with 1/3, 1/4 rooms
(Participation fee in hotel with 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 rooms: 125 euro/person)
Date for apply: 30. 11. 2011.
Participant groups should 20 euro per person after
receiving the official invitation, until 20. 12. 2011.
Number of participants: no limited
Number of group: no limited!
Performances: 3 (25-35’)


Arif Sönmez
Festıval Menager

Arif Sönmez
17 Aug 2012 - 26 Aug 2012
Pieria, Mt Olympus, Greece

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2nd Olympus Greek Dance and Culture Seminar 2012

The seminar will be held in Pieria (the land of the ancient Thracian tribe 'Pieres' and the Muses), on the flanks of Mount Olympus, the mythological residence of the ancient Greek pantheon, and close to the coasts of the blue Aegean Sea.

The seminar will take place from 17 to 26th August 2012, when most traditional feasts ('glendia' or 'panegyria') take place in the area, as well as famous festivals of traditional 'gaida' (bagpipe), and ancient Greek drama festivals in the theatre of Dion, the sacred town of the ancient Macedonians.
The seminar program will offer courses of traditional Greek dances and customs, including women's ritual dances, from different regions (Pontus, Black Sea, Serres, Drama, Pieria and
Olympus) as well as lessons in traditional Greek culture, philosophy, language, music and singing from well-known teachers, researchers and musicians (Yvonne Hunt, Laura Shannon, Giorgos Pavlos, Kostas Nikolaidis, Katerina Asteriou-Kavazi, Vassilis Komatas, Panayotis Pagonidis, Vassilis Gerovasileiou, Lefteris Pavlou, Yannis Kakaras, Panayotis Pavlos, Panos Zikidis).

There will also be special nights of traditional music at the seminar
venue or in villages, where we will have the chance to dance with local people.

Various scenic excursions and cultural tours will give the chance to admire the natural wonders of the sacred Mount Olympus, the legendary burial place of Orpheus and great examples of ancient Greek civilization, music and echnology.

We are expecting you for a unique cultural experience!!!

PLACE: Pieria, Mt Olympus, Greece – around 90 km from Thessaloniki airport (easily reached by train and bus). Participants can also be transferred from the airport to the seminar venue for a small charge.

ACCOMMODATION: to be confirmed soon (half board) – close to the beach!

PRICE: 880 € for early registration (300 € deposit has to be paid by 30 April 2012); and 980 € for late registration from 1st May up to 30 June 2012 (final deadline) - THE NUMBER OF

17 August 2012 – Arrival after 2 pm. Registration after 6 pm. Dinner followed by informal dancing
18-25 August 2012 – Cultural courses, tours and ‘glendia’
25 August 2012 – Closing of the seminar at the famous 4th Gaida Festival of Central Macedonia
26 August 2012 – Departure after breakfast

DANCE COURSES: Pontos (Maten), Black Sea Coast of North Thrace (Bana, special focus on the women's ritual tradition 'Babo' with old women from the village of Kitros), East Macedonia
(villages of the regions Drama and Serres), Central Macedonia (villages of Rachi at Pieria Mountais and Palios Panteleimon at Mount Olympus).

SPECIAL COURSES: Greek language through traditional songs, philosophy and role of dance in the Greek society, original costumes, demonstrations of musical instruments, handcrafting of
traditional dolls, women's ritual dances of Greece, the Balkans and the Near East and their roots in prehistory, different rhythms of three-measure dances

TOURS: archaeological sites, traditional villages, sacred sites and places of natural beauty

MUSICAL NIGHTS: traditional ‘panegyria’ & ‘glendia’, festivals and live music

SEMINAR LANGUAGE: the formal languages of the seminar are English and Greek

CONTACT: Vassilis Gerovasileiou propantos@gmail.com ; bill_ger@yahoo.com (English,
Spanish & Greek) Tel. +30 6977 168 392; Panayotis Pagonidis (English & Greek) Tel. + 30 6973 854 977; Fax + 30 2351 30 787

ORGANIZATION: “Propantos” Seminar Organization Centre & Thrace Treasury -
International Academy of Culture and Communication

2nd Olympus Greek Dance and Culture Seminar 2012

Vassilis Gerovassileiou
18 Aug 2012
Central Square of the town of Kula, municipality Vidin, Bulgaria

Web Site
Kula folk feast 2012

At the time of traditional Kula Fair, which dates back to 1921, will be held the first of its kind in the region Kula folk-feast.

The event is initiated by the folk group "GLÀGORTSI" organized by the Municipality Tower is under the patronage of the mayor of the town of Kula - Dr. Vladimir Vladimirov.

Location: Central Square of the town of Kula, municipality Vidin.

Participants in the program:
- Folk Dance Ensemble "Balkan" at Cultural Club "Tsar Boris III - 1928" Sofia;
- Ensemble of Bulgarian folk dances "Jar";
- Folklore ensemble "GLÀGORTSI";
- Blacksmith for Bulgarian dances and customs "GLÀGORTSI";
- Club for Bulgarian folk dances "DELIKANLII";
- National Cultural Center "Prosveta", Kula;
- Local amateurs - dansers and singers;
- Folk Music Orchestra of Ensemble "Balkan"

Participants will perform a program of folk ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. There will be many songs, dances and Bulgarian folk music.

More information is available at: www.glagorci.com

+359 888 570 840


Balkanfolk Calendar
19 Aug 2012 - 26 Aug 2012
Lefkada, Greece

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50th International Folklore Festival Lefkas

50 Years International Folklore Festival Lefkas from 19 August to 26 August 2012

1 Agg. Sikelianou and Svoronou str.
Lefkada 31100
Tel : 0030 26450 26635, 26711
Fax: 0030 26450 26715
e-mail : lefkasf@otenet.gr

Boris Dimitrov
20 Aug 2012 - 25 Aug 2012
N.Skioni - Halkidiki / GREECE

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IV.Intern.Gogakou Folkdance & Musıc Festıval

Dear Frıends of Culture,

It's great honour for us to invite you to Greece..Prefecture of Skioni
IV.ınternatıonal meeting of Chıldren,Youth and Adult Folkdance Ensembles..For the year 2012 the Festıval will be held in the period from 20- 25 August 2012
The Festıval is open the amateur Folklore Ensembles of Dancing and Music groups with live or recorded music...
x Accomodatıon in a Gogakou Folk Camp. www.miaforacamp.gr
x Three meals perday / perperson
x No limit on the number of people to partıcıpate in Festıval.
x Free excursions to the seasıde,swimming pool,parties and all camp activites..
x A guıde for each group speaking English.
x Diploma and some gifts for each person
x Normal medical care

Arrıval Date : 20.08.2012 (afternoon)
Dep. Date : 25.08.2012 (After the breakfast)
Full registration / person : 130 Euro...
For each participant team there will be two(2) free of charge..

Best Regards,

Arif Sönmez

Festıval Organıser
The Dırector of Anatolıan Folk Dance group
General Represent. Intern.Groups From Gogakou Camp

@ : turkei_iov@yahoo.com info@anatolianfolk.org
web. www.anatolianfolk.org www.miaforacamp.gr

Arif Sönmez
23 Aug 2012 - 26 Aug 2012

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Perrine A
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