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19 Jul 2010 - 1 Aug 2010
Naxos Cyclades Greece

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Workshop Seminar Festival, Dances & Music from the Greek Islands, Cyclads, Naxos

A seminar, workshop & festival in the heart of the tradition from the greek islands

From July 19th to August 1st, 2010

Tradition, dance, music, history & culture from the Kyklades

Nikos Kazantzakis, who lives one year in the village of Eggares, in 1896, and where he wrote “Anafora sto Greko”, “Report to El Greco”, another famous Cretan, wrote about Naxos :

“Αν ο παραδεισος ηταν στην γη, θα ηταυ εδω”

“If paradise were on earth, it would be here, in Naxos”

In July 2009, we suggest a festive, musical and cultural seminar in Naxos, the living and vibrating heart of the Kyklades, the very center of the the greek archipelago, the center of the musical and choreographic life for the 30 Kyklades.

After a whole and intense year of preparation, with a strong partnership with the Naxos community, the Council of Drymalias, and the Cultural Associations of the villages, we propose a unique 11-day seminar, in the rhythm of the “νησιωτικα” (“nisiotika”), in the rhythm of the waving, flowing and swaying music from those unique Greek islands.

philippos dellatolas
23 Jul 2010 - 2 Aug 2010
Koštunići, Serbia

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Workshop for Serbian and Greek dances, music and songs

Folk dance and musuc workshop for Serbian and Greek dances at Koštunići, Serbia.

Vladimir TANASIJEVIĆ - Artistic director of the Branko Krsmanović Ensemble, Belgrad, Serbia
Apostolis SKREKAS - Trikala,Greece, dance teacher at University of Thesaloniki, Greece. Saša SMREKIĆ - accordionist, director of the traditional music orchestra
Sumadija, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

Detailed information at


Vladimir Tanasijevic
24 Jul 2010 - 3 Aug 2010
Hotel "Manastir" Berovo MACEDONIA

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"Macedonian Pearl Folk - Seminar" 2010


Hotel “Manastir”- Berovo - MACEDONIA
24th July----03rd August 2010


"Macedonian Pearl Folk-Seminar 2010".... Will be in eastern part of Macedonia-city of Berovo-HOTEL" MANASTIR" high 4 stars hotel, 5 miles from Ratevo,( Ratevka Dance) 3 miles from Rusinovo village( Berovka Dance) and 2 miles from one of the most beautiful mountain lake in Macedonia-"Berovo Lake". This is the most beautiful and clean ECO region in Macedonia.Neighborhood is authentic Village style. Gypsy quart is very close to the hotel,so it will be a lot of dancing and singing all the time.(you can see visit to gypsy’s from 2009 clicking hire: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMurxb67mME
Big open market is 0.5 mile from the hotel. ....It will be few more local dance teachers for traditional village style..Of course every night will be live music with Stefce Stojkovski,Bajsa Arifovska, Igor Dimovski ,Ratko Zlatanovski,Goran and Adrijana Alachki,and more local brass& zurla bands like surprise...I hope you will enjoy again in our beautiful Macedonia, exploring eastern part of our beauties. Next year I expect people from USA,Canada,Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom,
Belgium,Sweden,Norway,Hungary,Australia& Tasmania, Brazil and Japan. ... .
It will be a lot of work for you next year..I can tell you....in the middle of the restaurant is old loom(wear's frame,or jenny or weaving mill) for you and all the participants of my seminar. All the time during our seminar one old women in national costumes from Maleshevo region will work(singing old traditional songs) on this old fashion "machine" making traditional costumes...Sounds GOOD?
It will be nice to start to think about next "Macedonian Pearl Folk-Seminar 2010" from now ,making reservations. ..
......It will be picnic on sheepfold in the mountain...and a lot of surprises...

You can visit www.macedonianfolk. com there is a lot of picture from last seminars and video clips....




Goran Alachki-director of the seminar
"Macedonian Pearl Folk-Seminar"
72 Franklin Ruzvelt
01000 Skopje
e-mail: info@goranalachki. com
www.macedonianfolk. com
www.goranalachki. com
g_alacki@yahoo. com
msn: g_alacki@hotmail. com
tel&fax:+3892 3067238

Goran Alacki
1 Aug 2010 - 5 Aug 2010

19th International Folklore Festival Varna

19 th International Folklore Festival Varna will be held from 1 by 5 August in Varna, Bulgaria's sea capital.

For more information please visit:

Balkanfolk Calendar
4 Aug 2010 - 16 Aug 2010
Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

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Workshop Balkanfolk 2010 in Koprivshtitsa

13th Workshop for Balkan Folk Dances, Music and Singing will be held from 4 to 16 august in Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria.

Emil Genov - Bulgarian folk dances
Vladimir Mutavdžić - Serbian folk dances
Music teachers:
Petar Gerovski - gadoulka
Petyo Kostadinov - gaida
Anton Tsambov - tamboura
Simeon Dimitrov - kaval, dvoyanka, duduk
Genadii Rashkov - tapan, tarambouka
Danail Totev - accordion bulgarian music
Predrag Ivanović - accordion serbian music
Galya Haralambieva - Bulgarian folk singing
Language teacher:
Mariana Valchanova - Bulgarian language

Balkanfolk Calendar
5 Aug 2010 - 17 Aug 2010
LAIMOS village (Macedonia) Greece

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International seminar GREEK DANCES, Musics & Traditions along Egnatia Road

Egnatia Road, or « odos Egnatia », was built during the 2nd century BC by the Romans, and was intended to link Western and Eastern parts of the Roman Empire. Starting from Rome, passing through Brindisi, it enters Albania (Dürres), crosses Northern Greece from Florina to Traianoupoli, enters Turkey via Ypsala and ends in Istanbul.
For almost 2000 years a non-stop flow of soldiers, Crusaders, priests, brigands, merchants, peasants, artists, caravans and a lot of various ethnic groups (Greeks , Jews, Romans, Vlachs, Pomakes, Turks, Egyptians, Roms, … ) met, crossed, traded, … : making Egnatia an immensely rich melting-pot of cultures, traditions, and expertise.

The new Egnatia road, which was finished in the latter part of 2008, follows exactly the same path as the original route from Traianoupoli to Kozani. From there, it heads down Northern Epirus and ends its way in Igoumenitsa. All kinds of influences especially in traditions, instruments, music and dance have proliferated. All along the new Egnatia many « worlds » are living and mixing together : Thrace with its different ethnic groups), Macedonia (each region being so typical : Serres, Aridea, Florina, Veria, Alexandreia, Grevena, …) and Northern Epirus (Metsovo, Ioannina) … without forgetting the refugees from Romilia, Asia Minor, Pondos …

This is what Yiannis would like us to enjoy : this richness, still alive today. A trip through time, through space and deep inside the Greek soul.


- Dances of the SARAKATSANI and dances from DRAMA with Dimos GKIKAS
- Dances of the VLACHS and dances from PINDOS with Yannis TSAMITROS
- Dances from EPIRUS with Elli KAZAKOU
- Dances of the refugees from BLACK SEA with Apostolis SKREKAS
- Dances of the refugees from CAPPADOCIA and ASIA MINOR with Christos THEOLOGOS
- Dances of the refugees from PONDOS with Panayotis APOSTOLIDIS
- Dances of WESTERN THRAKI and GAGAUZIDES with ------- waiting confirmation from the teacher
- Dances of CENTRAL MACEDONIA and ALEXANDREIA with ------- waiting confirmation from the teacher
PEDAGOGY : at least 5 hours/day
2 Conferences about the ethnies living along Road Egnatia … and
All seminar long, we will have the pleasure to welcome MUSICIANS (local and from other regions), to DANCE in village festivals (in August there are always a lot of “PANEGIRIA”), EXCURSIONS to enjoy the picturesque landscape and historical significance of Prespas ...

And each night … if you wish ! ... the ‘GLENDIA’ continue with the Teachers, Musicians, Friends, and Neighbours, ...


ACCOMMODATION in Hotel *** (Rooms 2/3 persons with baths and toilets). (Supplement for single rooms)
PRICE : 850 euros for the whole seminar (full pension, pedagogy, transportation for most activities, excursions.)
…but ALL arrangements are possible ! -- half pension, etc … to be discussed at the Registration.
We will spare a few places for « accompanying » persons who do not wish to attend the dance lessons.

Maryse FABRE
6 Aug 2010 - 8 Aug 2010
Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

10th National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore Koprivshtitsa 2010

The 10th National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore has been organised by the Bulgarian Ministry of the Culture and Tourism and by the Municipality of Koprivshtitsa. The event is supported by: Sofia District Administration; Bulgarian National Television; Bulgarian National Radio, ministries, other organisations.

All the performers of authentic Bulgarian folklore: singers, players, dancers, folk tales narrators and all instrumental, singing and dancing groups like groups for traditional customs are invited to take part in the meeting.

This National Folklore Festival has been organised for about 10 000 people whom we expect to come from all over the country and abroad, as well as Bulgarians living in foreign countries and foreigners performing Bulgarian folklore.

Balkanfolk Calendar
7 Aug 2010 - 16 Aug 2010

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A workshop on Greek Traditional Dances will be organized in Crete,
7-16/8/2010, at Almyrida/Chania. Join it and we assure that you’ll enjoy traditional Cretan Life, Dance Courses and Holidays, all…. in 9 days!!!

CHANIA IS the most beautiful area of Crete, known for the typical old town, the old Venetian port & castle and the natural beauty, ALMYRIDA is a fishing village, has beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters, safe beaches awarded with blue flag, that are also home to water sports, diving and fishing. The hills with the olive trees and the mountain range of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), give to the area cool climate.
Cretans’ hospitality and the traditional Cretan food & wine, will make your holidays EXCEPTIONAL!

Hotel: We’ll stay at Almyrida Beach Hotel & Studios, 4 stars hotel, that is exactly on the beach of the village (www.almyridaresort.com).The rooms provide A/C, SatTV, Fridge, Hairdryer, Bath, Radio, Direct Dial Telephone, sea/mountain view balconies. The hotel also provides bars, 3 swimming pools and also (at local charge) Jacuzzi, Safe deposit box and Mini Bar. In the hotel restaurants are served real Cretan specialties but also you can taste all the different styles of cuisine as fish, meat, pizza, souvlaki..in the village taverns on the beach.

Pedagogy: The dance courses will be given in a full A/Ced conference room of the hotel and will be organized every morning 09.30-13.00 plus four evenings 18.00-20.00. The choreographers will be Mary Markaki dances from Crete, Nikos Zournatzidis, dances from Pontos, as also Choreographers who will teach Cyclades, Dodekanissa, Thrace, Macedonia, and Asia Minor (names of choreographers announced end of May).
A Briefing on the traditional dances, music, costumes, customs will be given by the choreographers.

Activities: This year we’ll visit Rethymnon, the old town and port AND we’ll cruise to Gramvousa and Balos, where you can go only by boat and we’ll have the chance to take pictures from a Venetian Castle and Aegean Sea after 10min walk, then we’ll swim at Balos lagoon while a freshly cooked meal we’ll be prepared on the boat (www.gramvousa.com).Every night we’ll have the pleasure to dance at “panigiria”, join concerts of dance and music and have fun at the village squares with real good dancers. Also,you’ll have plenty of free time to do whatever you wish

Cost is: 880/prsn in double room. Friends or family guests who will not attend the dance courses, could be with us everywhere and pay 650 Euros in double room and join us everywhere. Cost Includes: a. 9 nights’ accommodation with half board b.Dance courses c.Two CDs, d. Writing material e. Cruise to Gramvousa and Balos’ lagoon

Useful Infos: ARRIVAL-Distances from/to ALMYRIDA: Airports= Chania 27Km (taxi 40 euros), Heraklion 157 Km (taxi approx. 120 euros), Ports=Chania/Souda 19Km (taxi 25 euros), Rethymnon 25Km (taxi 50 euros).
Also, there is bus service connection 3-4 times/day to Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and the near villages.
AIRTICKETS:www.olympicair.com, www.aegeanair.gr, www.athensair.com BOAT:www.anek.gr (half price on daily fares)
Taxi service can be arranged from the hotel to transfer you, from/to airports and ports, as also to go at the local festivities, any time/date-night (charge on your own), in better rates than if you search free taxis

Registration Deadline IS…15th May 2010! Beware, most of people visit Crete/Greece this specific period of August, so book flights & boat tickets before April, as later you’ll not find cheap fees. Ask agents for offers!

CONTACT: MARY MARKAKI AT 0030-6944 330486 OR E-MAIL AT marymarkaki@windowslive.com

Mary Markaki
8 Aug 2010 - 14 Aug 2010
Music Academy, Plovdiv Bulgaria

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6th Annual Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

We are pleased to announce that the website for the 2010 Bulgarian Folk
Music & Dance Seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria is now available
(www.folkseminarplovdiv.net). The website contains detailed information
about the 2010 teachers, daily schedule and prices. (There is a small
bit of information about some teachers that will be added later.)

This Seminar, now in its 6th year, is especially designed for
non-Bulgarians (or Bulgarians interested in connecting with their
"roots" music and dance) who want a more in-depth opportunity to learn
traditional instruments, singing styles, and dance than is normally
possible for groups or individuals traveling to Bulgaria. This rich and
unique program couples the teaching expertise of instructors at the
Plovdiv Music Academy with the traditional music and dance wisdom of
tradition bearers from around the country. Many classes will be taught
by village "masters" from various ethnographic regions in Bulgaria; the
dance program, in particular, features different groups of dancers and
musicians throughout the week, teaching dances and songs from their own
villages. A Bulgarian language class will also be offered, as well as
optional evening social activities.

Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar
August 8 - 14, 2010
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Note: This year's Seminar has been scheduled to immediately follow the
Koprivshtitsa Folk Festival, which takes place from August 6-8, 2010 in
Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria (1 1/2 hour drive from Plovdiv). Bus
transportation from Koprivshtitsa to Plovdiv will be available to
Seminar registrants attending the festival.

Registration can be completed online. This year payment for the Seminar
can only be made by bank transfer or on-site payment; details are on the

We are continuing our special 15% discount for EEFC members (this is
another great reason to join the EEFC!). Students from past years have
raved about their experiences at the Seminar. (You can read some of
their comments on the website.)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Larry Weiner
International Program Coordinator
2010 Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
10206 Day Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Larry Weiner
13 Aug 2010 - 17 Aug 2010
Pirot, Serbia

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Balkan Folk Dance Workshop

During the 6th INTERNATIONAL
FOLKLORE FESTIVAL PIROT 2010, from 13th till 17th of August 2010, there will be a seminar of Balkan folk dances.

1. Giorgos Kapsalis - Greece
2. Georgi Dimitrov - Bulgaria
3. Borivoje Stojanovic – Serbia

National dances from Greece, Bulgaria
and Serbia.

Applications are made to 15.06.2010 year.
The number of participants is limited!

Applications and information requirements, manner of payment of participation and the number of bank accounts you will receive by e-mail borkosop@gmail.com

Contact telephone: +38110313-972
Mob: +38163408959

Come to socialize with songs and dances of the Balkan nations and come


Borivoje Stojanovic
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