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Czech Republic
1 May 2010 - 6 May 2010
(Prague – Teplice –Karlovy Vary –Dresden –Berlin)

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The Blossoming Saxony International Festival -competition Czech Republic & Germany

A Unique Children's Art Forever!
Participants will have a chance to show their talent and skill, and at the same time they will enjoy the beauty of the most attractive city’s in Europe and meet new friends.

The International Festival -competition for the participants from 8th. to 26 years is held in the following categories:Choreography – solo & groups (folk - -ethnic dance);
Singing (folk);Folk instruments – groups (large and small).

The festivals of the Endowment Fund International Youth Forum has been in existence since 2002 and is now a biennial event. It has established itself as an intimate, friendly, well-organised event with an emphasis on making life as easy as possible for participating groups and their directors.
Since 2002, projects organized by the fund have been supported by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, by the City Hall of Prague, governors of regions and international organizations and political structures in the EU. Also, the festival of the Endowment Fund was included in the culture program of the Czech Presidency of the European Union in 2009.
Every year the fund organizes over 15 social projects in the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Austria and in other countries with a total participation of about 10,000 children.
We hope that you will choose one of these festivals, where you will represent your talented groups from your country on the prestige international competition on the best stages in the Europe.
For more questions don’t be hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to meet you in the Czech Republic!



Tel.: +420-267911785

Fax.: +420-267911783

GSM: +420-731484366

Anastasia Drbalova
1 May 2010
Beloslav, Varna, Bulgaria

Ethnic Fair

For the third consecutive year, Beloslav will be the location of the tradtional ethnic Fair. On May 1st, 250 participants will show different cultures to celebrate two festivals- Christian Saint Georges and misyulmanskiya Hadarlez.
Among the partipants presenting gheir folklore : the group Ryabunashka 'Kazashko' village (Varna), groups of villages Strashimirov, Ezerovo and Valchidol town Turkish Cultural Society - Shumen, Sliven and Karakachan group of representatives of the Organization Jews in Bulgaria 'Shalom'- Varna.
The same day, from 17.30, the Library Gallery will be open with a commemorative exhibition' from the smell of the sea' of Marinist artist Atanas Stoichev, who after a long silence is exhibiting his works to the public.

10 May 2010 - 12 May 2010
Montana, Bulgaria

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XII's celebrations of brass bands "Diko Iliev"

XII's celebrations of brass bands "Diko Iliev" will be held in Montana by 10 to May 12, 2010

To participate in them are called the best Bulgarian bands and majorettes. Since municipal efforts to increase international involvement, invitations were addressed to the youth orchestras of Ahelo - Belgium and Kishkunfeledyhaza - Hungary. Negotiate with the military orchestra of Edirne - Turkey and brass band from Germany. Belgrade Wind Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Mustaybashich has stressed its intention to play the scene Montana next year.

Confirmation of their willingness to participate will receive the works of orchestration Paurov Stoyan, Julian Slabakov and Evgeni Jeremiah, won first prize in a competition to write new works for brass band, organized by the Municipality of Montana. The works of these composers will be included in the repertoire of formations participating in the twelfth edition of the holidays in 2010

3400 Montana
Street Izvora 1
tel 096 / 300 400
fax: 096 / 300 401

Balkanfolk Calendar
15 May 2010
"Probuda – 1940" Cultural house, the village of Kalipetrovo

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Competition for Young Folk Artists from Dobrudzha "Vassila Valcheva"

On May 15, 2010 the seventh competition for young Dobrudzha folk artists ‘Vasil Valcheva’ will be held.
The competition is organised biennially in the village of Kalipetrovo, municipality of Silistra Bulgaria - the birthplace of the famous folk singer Vassila Valcheva.

The competition is open to singers participating in three age groups: First group - 7 to 12 years, second group - 13 to 18 years and third group - 19 to 30 years

Each participant should perform two songs form Dobrudzha folklore within 5 minutes.

The deadline for applications - May 9, 2010

For inquiries and additional information:

tel: 086 / 816-242 - Violetta Baleva - Head of Culture
Tel: 08624 / 23-31 – "Probuda – 1940" Cultural house, the village of Kalipetrovo

Application Form

Balkanfolk Calendar
17 May 2010
Centre Arts et Loisirs, Fontaine d'ouche, Dijon, France

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Gaida in concert!

Gaida in concert!
The program this year: Bulgarian Dances, dances of Romania (Moldavia) and dances from Greece!
Doors open from 20:00.
do not delay!

19 May 2010
Bov, Bulgaria

National culinary festival Motley table of guests at my city

On 19th May, from 16.00 in the village of Bov station will be held next holiday which national culinary festival colorful table of guests at my city will visit. After a wonderful holiday in Bourgas on a square Troika ", the festival will visit the picturesque place in the Iskar Gorge, which is not far from the sweet Svoge.
Traditions in the village of Bov station have for generations. Residents of this place are determined however, to preserve traditions and to enrich. Heirs of the great history of this place people are proud today to show that the Bulgarian spirit is strong.
The traditional holiday village will gather hundreds of people for years to celebrate together today. And "Motley table has a joy to attend this year this wonderful event.
Again there will be a festival competition of young Chefs, this time from the school in Svoge. Culinary dishes with regional exhibition will once again present a unique Bulgarian, delicious meals. Nearly 200 amateur artists will gather to have fun with the guests who will arrive from across the country. "Who ate the beans?" This time will determine the nature of the power players in the competition. Lastly and "Who drank wine once again raise the mood degrees. The guests will see again the National Exhibition of children drawings culinary theme "recipes grandma" and see the picture - winner of the exhibition, which is a poster of the Festival in 2010 This work is the work of Anna Antonova Parvanova 11 d . from the School of Visual Arts at the Municipal Children's Complex - Plovdiv.
Culinary festival organizers - the company for consulting restaurants - Ivital Consult and the Association for the Development of arts and crafts A.R.I.Z. 7 thank Municipality, and all residents and guests of Sofia, who shared with us the feast "Motley table of guests at my city.
Prepared: Penyo Ivanov, tel: 0878-477 469

Balkanfolk Team
22 May 2010 - 23 May 2010
Lozen, District Haskovo, Bulgaria

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"Kehlibaren grozd 2010" - 1st National festival for authentic folklore

1st National festival for authentic folklore "amber cluster 2010" organized by the National Cultural Center Prosveta Lozen municipality. Haskovo, together with the Ministry of Culture. The festival will be held on 22 and 23 May (Saturday and Sunday) in 2010 and is part of the holidays, organized by the National Cultural Center Prosveta Lozen in celebration of 280 years since the founding of Lozen and 85 years since the formation of NS Prosveta

Applications for participation in the festival are accepted until April 15, 2010

Christo Yanakov - Secretary NS Prosveta Lozen municipality. District Haskovo

Balkanfolk Calendar
22 May 2010 - 23 May 2010
Lyon, France

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Gypsy Lyon Festival

The Gypsy Lyon Croix-Rousse festival is a festive event and human, in the heart of the Red Cross around the gypsy and gypsy music to celebrate the memory of Django Reinhardt, to mark the centenary of his birth .

22 May 2010
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

National culinary festival Motley table of guests at my city

Motley table of guests at my city. Once the festival has gone through many places in Bulgaria, and now headed to Blagoevgrad.
On 22.05.2010g. from 11.00, Blagoevgrad will hospitably welcomed National Culinary Festival Motley table of guests at my city "2010, which started on Easter from Plovdiv. For the first time the city will host the only national culinary festival of Bulgarian cuisine, folklore and traditions.
On holiday in honor of the day in the city of Blagoevgrad will bear the unique flavors of delicious, unique regional dishes. Meals are part of the festival, they are represented by zhuteli the region. Specially selected jury trying all meals and determine winners of various categories. Authentic recipe Best taste. Award for best ethnic vision of the exposure. Best original unique recipe. Best dessert.
We expect many happy moments and folklore program, which the inhabitants of the city and region are podgovili for all guests of the festival and the feast of the town of Blagoevgrad. On stage you can see many groups of authentic folklore of the region, renowned ensembles and dance bands. Amateur groups and community center.
Traditional competitions for young chefs and this time will make a surprise. Especially for the festival will be attended by uchnitsite Vocational School of Agriculture and Mechanisation "PO Box Yavorov town of Gotse Delchev. Under the rules of the competition and festival, at least one meal of the things that will prepare typical for the region. In their menu you will see: assorted potatoes, Nevrokop spindle and Fruit Salad. Over ten groups of participants from the region will attend culinary exhibition prepared individual dishes and brought them on the day of celebration. Again, in celebratory pograma rich will be able to participate in various competitions and tastings. Each of the guests at the festival prior arrangement with the organizers, can demonstrate their culinary skills in the kitchen boss Ivanov, chief organizer of the culinary festival.
Festival has already visited the city of Plovdiv, Svishtov, Village of Bata, Village of Bov. Join one of the next stops on this uniquely delicious feast. The following cities Hissar Kyustendil, Veliko Tarnovo and others. Welcome!

Balkanfolk Team
27 May 2010 - 30 May 2010
Palais des Sports, Paris

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Le Théâtre de Danse Traditionnelle Russe « Gjel» a été fondé en 1988 par Vladimir Zakharov, danseur et chorégraphe, titulaire de plusieurs récompenses et distinctions officielles.
Avec plus de 70 jeunes et talentueux artistes formés dans son Institut Chorégraphique, cette compagnie fait revivre les danses anciennes de différentes régions de l’immense et éternelle Russie.
Chaque saison, le Théâtre « Gjel» présente différents programmes caractérisés par la richesse de splendides costumes, de véritables pièces de musée, réalisés par de célèbres créateurs dans différents domaines des arts populaires.
La compagnie a déjà été invitée dans 70 pays dont les Etats-Unis et le Japon, mais ne s’est jamais produite en France.
En 2010 - Année croisée Fance-Russie - le Théâtre « Gjel» va présenter à Paris d’abord son spectacle, Russie Eternelle, au Palais des Sports (27-30 mai) et puis participer au Gala exceptionnel de la fête nationale de la Russie en France au Grand Palais (12 juin

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