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5 Jun 2010
Theatre de l'ouest Parisien, Boulogne Billancourt, France

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Danses d'un monde à l'autre

5 Jun 2010
Sofia Theater, Sofia, Bulgaria

the 25-year career Tsvetanka Arsova, choreographer.

The District "Krasno Celo" and the Cultural Centre "Sredets" invites you to the celebration show for :
the 35th anniversary of the folk ensemble Bogovitsa "
Combined these the 25th anniversary dance-child group
Artistic Director and choreographer Tsvetanka Arsova and assistant Victoria Arsova,
and the 25-year career Tsvetanka Arsova choreographer.

Sofia Theatre, 18:00
The 05/06/2010

25 years of youth folklore Bogovitsa

Boris Dimitrov
11 Jun 2010 - 16 Jun 2010

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Intern. Gogakou Folkdance & Folkmusıc Festıval..

Dear Frıends of Culture,

It's great honour for us to invite you to Greece..Prefecture of Skioni
I.ınternatıonal meeting of Chıldren and Youth Folkdance and Folk musıc Ensembles..For the year 2010 the Festıval will be held in the period from 11 - 16 June.2010
The Festıval is open the amateur Folklore Ensembles of Dancing and Music groups with live or recorded music and for partıcıpants between the ages 10 to 30 years old.
x Accomodatıon in a Gogakou Folk Camp. www.gogakou.gr
x Three meals perday/perperson
x No limit on the number of people to partıcıpate in Festıval.
x Free excursions to the seasıde,swimming pool,parties and all camp activites..
x A guıde for each group speaking English.
x Diploma and some gifts for each person
x Normal medical care

Arrıval Date : 11.06.2010 (afternoon)
Dep. Date : 16.06.2010 (After the breakfast)
Full registration / person : 120 Euro...
For each participant team there will be two(2) free of charge..
Arif Sönmez


Arif Sönmez
12 Jun 2010
Bulgarian Army Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Annual Concert of Zornitsa Ensemble

The Annual concert of ensemble Zornitsa will be held on June 12, 2010 in the Theatre “Bulgarian Army”.

The programme will include chamber, women’s, men’s and mixed dances of all folklore districts of Bulgaria, folklore orchestra “Zornitsa” will be accompanying.

Join us to experience the Bulgarian dance for one unforgettable night!

Concert 12th Juny 2010, Beginning 7:00 PM

For tickets and more information - ensemble_zornitsa@abv.bg

12 Jun 2010 - 13 Jun 2010
Paris, France

Workshop - Greek folk Dances with Stephanos Ganot

The 12 and June 13, the Nisiotis association organizes a workshop with traditional dances in Paris, with Stephanos Ganot.
Here is his presentation and his program:


Ganot Stephanos is a dancer, researcher, author, teacher and musician of the first order, renowned throughout Greece.
Stephanos is a native of Naxos, and specifically the village of Apeiranthos.
He has a passion for early music, dance, tradition.
Stephanos Co-hosts an annual summer dance classes in Naxos, during the internship-annual festival "Nisos auf Naxos".

Stephanos knows perfectly safe dances and music from Naxos and the Cyclades.
However, his personal approach has led to apprehend the Greek tradition more broadly, and interest in music and dance heritage of the country.
His practice of music (harp, violin, laouto, accordion, klarino, etc.) has of course allowed to go very far in the comparative analysis of styles, regions, currents, influences ...

Stephanos is among the very few to have worked very closely with Domna Samiou.
He has produced several shows with her on stage in Greece, including the famous "Nature and Love" at the Herod Atticus Theater "in Athens in October 2005, or" The Carnival of Greece ", the theater Megaro Mousikis.
Domna Samiou is for those who do not know, a great lady in the world of the tradition in Greece. This was one of the very first people to take an interest and value to radio (from 1954 to 1971) and television, research in villages across Greece, recording discs, etc..
Domna Samiou 82 years today.
It's a father figure in the world of tradition in Greece, whose knowledge, experience, and "authority" are universally recognized.
You all, all dancing, singing, partying (unknowingly) to the music she has recorded, preserved, or saved from extinction, whatever the Region (Epirus, Asia Minor, Macedonia, Thrace, Pontus, Cyclades, Dodecanese, etc ...). Here's an overview:


You can see a very large number of videos (concerts, TV shows, etc.) Domna Samiou on YouTube, by typing its name in Greek (Δομνα Σαμιου) or Latin (Domna Samiou).
There are over 200 ...

You can also see Stefano dance with Donna Samiou throughout the series Καρναβάλια με την Δόμνα Σαμίου "(Carnivals with Domna Samiou): an extraordinary given to Greece in 2008 on traditional music and dance of the Carnival in Greece, all regions met.

Stephanos takes the same quest for the essential and authentic, he was equally interested in the whole tradition in Greece, and conduct extensive research on several islands or regions, such as the islands of Imbros and Tenedos, only the Greek islands of the Aegean to be placed under Turkish control (July 1923).
Stephanos writes regularly in the quarterly "Xorevw (Horevo), and is wrote in 2009 a 7-page article on the history and tradition of these two islands.

For this first-stage event in Paris, Stephanos takes us through all Greece, and offers us a journey with "rhythm", "rhythm" as a unifying thread: the origins, similarities and differences between the regions, links relationship, "reads" common.
A new, innovative and exciting to understand, and enjoy more so, of course, remain an area without songs or dances.

Because Greece is of course not a "collection" or a "mosaic" of regions.

It is a living whole, vast, dense, fed on roots, sharing, exchange, influences. This smart playlist, comprehensive and cross means to advance a personal course considerable, and a great culture.
Stefanos is one of the few dancers and choreographers to have sustained success, and happiness that ambition.

12 and June 13, he has shared with us the fruits of his years of work, and give us the keys to a rich, exciting, profound.
A new reading, enlightening and rewarding dance in Greece.
Much more than "learning dances a region" far beyond.
Dance is a rhythm: the body starts moving, goes in rhythm. Greece has its rhythms. Once known, assimilated, understood, you go in with much more pleasure and efficiency in local color that these rhythms have made in each region.

A training-event, a great seminar.
Not to be missed.
We are immensely pleased to welcome Stephanos in Paris.
Stephanos speaks fluent French.

Registration, mandatory: nisosnaxos@gmail.com
(Or by mail, bulletin attached)

Philippos, 06 03 78 28 77


Nisiotis: tradition, with passion

13 Jun 2010

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cecile HENRY
14 Jun 2010
Sofia Theater - Sofia, Bulgaria

10th anniversary - Children's Dance Ensemble Badniche

Children's Dance Ensemble Badniche with chief artistic director and choreographer Veska Kozukova will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a jubilee concert on 14/06/2010 19:00 at Sofia Theater.
The concert is organised by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science of Bulgaria and National Palace of children.

16 Jun 2010 - 22 Jun 2010

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75.Intern.Pergamon Kermes & Folkdance Festıval

Dear Director,

Our best wishes from Bergama your twin-city.

We will celebrate the 75th International Kermes of Bergama between 16th and 22th June 2010.

We are in wish to celebrate this happening of the 75th Kermes together with your participation, due to the friendship of our towns.

In witness there of, we kindly invite you and your music, dance,show and art groups or other activity groups to Bergama, for the festival, organized between 16th and 22th June 2010.

The conditions of the participations are given below.

If you can participate to our Kermes, we will be happy to see you and your activity group here in Bergama.

My Best Regards,
Arif Sönmez
The Dırector of Anatolıan Folk Dance Group
Festıval Organıser

Festival Organıser

Arif Sönmez
18 Jun 2010 - 30 Jun 2010
Smolyan Municipality, Bulgaria

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Photoexhibition "SMOLYAN - PAST AND PRESENT"

The exhibition, organized by Smolyan Municipality and Smolyan Regional History Museum presents in photos the development of Smolyan from the begining of the XX century till nowadays.

The event will take place in the foyer in front of the City Council Hall.

Balkanfolk Calendar
20 Jun 2010
La Royale Serésienne, Rue du Marais 71, B-4100 Seraing, Belgium

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Water Colour paintings about Bulgaria

Alain Sansen (Dance Ensemble Sedianka) wants to share his love for Bulgaria by showing his series of water colour paintings entitled "Bulgarian National Revival".
Also some water colours painted around a real photograph.
The exhibition is one day only from 10am to 6pm.

ann vannieuwenhuyze
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