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Czech Republic
27 Mar 2012 - 3 Apr 2012

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Dear friends ,
We invite you to participate in the THE IX.INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL – CONTEST OF CHILDRENS AND YOUTH CREATIVITY „THE CZECH SPRING“ The festival is held from 27th. of March. to 3rd.of April 2012 Krusnohorske theatre of Teplice, National House of Vinohrady in Prague; City Hall of Karlovy Vary, Dresden & Berlin. UNDER THE PATRONAGE:City Hall of Prague, Ministry of the education of the Czech Republic, President of the Usti region. Participants:Children and youths groups and soloists performers at 6 to 25 years take part in the following nominations: Choreography (folk, classical, modern, variety dance, ball and contemporary dance, freestyle, disco, hip –hop, jazz & tap dance) ;Singing (folk, academic, variety) – solo, groups and choirs ;Singing for the students of music schools (folk, academic, variety) – solo, groups and choirs; Folk instruments – groups (large and small), orchestras; Instrumental music – groups , Show program’s - Original genres, Music& Theatrical genres; including fine art students and decorative –applied art studios.
Main events:
• Competition in different categories;
• Opening ceremony with concert of the participants;
• Series of master - classes of maestros from foreign countries.
• Conference ;
• Teachers club ( creative meetings )
• Entertainment for children, meetings with foreign groups, parties, sight- sing of the historical places in the different city’s of Czech Republic and Europe
• Awarding ceremony and gala concert .
FINANCIAL CONDITIONS.The price of accommodation according the program “A” or “B” . Program A: Participation fee for the one participant 20 EUR, Soloist 100 EUR, Program B: Participation fee for the one participant 25 EUR, Soloist 100 EUR
After submitted of the application form, the group receives the invoice for the first advance payment 500EUR, which will be including to the original invoice.
Special prizes: GRAND-PRIX CERTIFIKAT FOR THE 3 YEARS FREE PARTICIPATION IN THE ONE OF THE FESTIVALS BY ENDOWMENT FUND INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FORUM! The 1st. Laureates, will get the free tour to the EUROPE FESTIVAL TOURThe winners will be invited to the summer festival in the South Bohemia!
For further information don’t be hesitate to contact us.We are looking forward to meet you in the Czech Republic! Organization board : ENDOWMENT FUND INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF YOUTH - Tatarkova 733/2, 149 00 Praha 4. Сzech Republic Tel: +420 222 240 697, Tel/ Fax: +420 246 037 341 , Fax: + 420 267 911 783E-mail: festival@praha-cz.net ; www.children-festivals.com ; www.plein- air.cz; www.advent-in-prague.cz

Anastasia Drbalova
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