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25 Jun 2008 - 28 Jun 2008
Bolsward, The Netherlands

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International Folkdance Festival Bolsward

Every year an International folkloristic dancefestival is organised in which many members of the "Boalserter Skotsploech" participate. The organisation has been placed with an independent foundation.
The festival will take place every last full week of june during the "Heamielfeesten" (harvestfeast).

Balkanfolk Calendar
26 Jun 2008 - 29 Jun 2008
Donostia, San Sebastian

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“Lauarin” International Folk Dance Festival

Dear friend,

I write you from International folk dance festival “Lauarin” from Donostia – San Sebastian in the Basque Country (Spain).

We are looking for a group that would be interested in participating in our festival from 26th to 29th of June.

If you are interested in this offer, please send us some information about your group, photos and / or dvd of your performances.

Attached to this e-mail you can found the general conditions of the festival.

Josu Boneta
“Lauarin” International Folk Festival
Goizaldi Dantza Taldea

Easo kalea 45 Behea
20006 Donostia

General conditions

Josu Boneta
26 Jun 2008 - 29 Jun 2008
Zetten (near Arnhem), The Netherlands

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Balkan Festival Workshops Zetten

Balkan Festival Workshops Zetten will be held from June 26 to June 29 in Social Cultural Centre, "de WANMOLEN", Schweitzerpark 2, Zetten (near Arnhem), The Netherlands.

• The organizers will be present at 16:00 hours on Thursday June 26.
• After 16:00 hours the participants will be able to obtain their festival badges, set up their tents, etc.
• Thursday evening: BALKAN FEAST – DANCE FAVORITES OF THE PAST" Conducted by Helen van Bochove.
• The first lessons will start on Friday, June 27 at 09:30 o'clock. There will be continuous lessons the whole day on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday until 14:30 hours.
• Friday and Saturday evening: Ball with the teachers and orchestra.
• Friday and Saturday night after the evening folk dance programmes, we shall meet, talk, sing and dance together until early in the morning at the Balkan Corner.

Ben Koopmanschap from Albania to Croatia
Dick v.d. Zwan Greek
Ersin Seyhan Turkish
Eddy Tijssen Bulgarian
Silviu Ciuciumiş Roumanian

Hedwig Schoots Balkan

Orchestra SULTAN - Balkan Ball
Orchestra TREDIKI - Greek, Bulgarian

Silviu Ciuciumiş
Aarhuispad 22, 3067 PR Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-10-421 86 22
Fax 010-455 60 65

Photo: Arjen Tempel www.tempel-fotografie.nl

For more information and Registration please download brochure.

Brochure in english

Boris Dimitrov
28 Jun 2008 - 6 Jul 2008
island of Ikaria, Greece

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Seminar of Traditional Greek Dances

Seminar of traditional greek dances of the islands and Asia minor will be held during from Saturday afternoon, June 28 to Sunday morning, July 6, 2008
Seminar organized by Christiana KATSAROU (Ikaria and islands) with the participation of:
Christos THEOLOGOS (Asia Minor),
Apostolis MARIOLAS (Limnos) and
Efthimios EVANGELOU (Samos)
on the island of IKARIA, in the Aegean sea, Greece.

Flyer in english

Maryse Fabre
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