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18 Jul 2015 - 28 Jul 2015
Thessaloniki and Evros Greece

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Kyriakos' Evros/Western Thrace Project

This seminar will be a unique opportunity for everyone who wishes to learn the dances, the traditions, the music and the songs of the Thracian Greeks of Evros/West Thrace.
In the ten days of the seminar we will visit several villages both at the Northern and Southern part of Evros, we will learn their dances and participate in their festivals. Every morning Kyriakos and other specialists will teach the dances from the village we will visit in the night. We will even participate in a gaida festival where we will watch all those gaida players doing their music together and of course we will eat, drink and dance with the 600 guests!
In every evening, local experts (ethnologists, musician et.al.) will inform us about the different aspects of West Thrace like history, music, songs, costumes etc. of the village we will visit.
The number of participants will be limited to 50.
All the accommodations, dance lessons, lectures, presentations, exhibitions will take place in hotels and halls at the towns of Orestiada and Alexandroupolis and of course the villages we will visit.
Start and final point will be Thessaloniki. Transportation to/from Thessaloniki and to/from the Evros villages will be with a bus covered from the seminar.

Kyriakos Moisidis
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