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26 Sep 2009 - 10 Oct 2009

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Balkanfolk Calendar
29 Sep 2009 - 3 Oct 2009
concert halls of St.Petersburg, Russia

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International Contest «INTERFOLK»

А – folk vocal, authentic folklore (choruses and folk bands)
B – modern adaptation of folk music, classic vocal (choruses and bands)
С – folk vocal (soloists, duetts)
D – dance companies (folk dances)
Е – instrumental bands (folk tunes)
No limitations are placed on age or number of participants.
Contest procedure:
The contest shall consist of 2 rounds:

First round of the contest
To participate in the first round artists will present two pieces based on popular (folklore) material of any country, the whole performance during no more than 10 minutes.

Upon completion of the first round the jury will determine winners and diploma holders of contest, and will award special prizes.
Summing up and distribution of awards to winners and diploma holders of the Festival will be carried out based on the jury records. Performers which took part in trials will be awarded the following titles:
• Winner (three classes, by categories)
• Diploma holder (three classes, by categories)
• Participant

Second round of contest (I part)
Only the 1 and 2 class Winners (by decision of the jury) will pass in the second round. To participate in in the second round each team will perform one piece based on popular (folklore) material of any country lasting no more than 3 minutes. Artists may not repeat any pieces which they performed in the first round.
Second round of contest (II part)
Holders of the “Gold Diploma” will compete for the Grand Prix of contest.
Each team will perform one piece based on popular (folklore) material of any country lasting no more than 3 minutes. Artists may not repeat any pieces which they performed earlier.

The following title is awarded by results of contest:
• Grand Prix Winner

Participation fee:
To participate in contest, artists should submit an application and pay a fee:
Soloists – 30 euro
A group of less than 12 members – 50 euro (per group)
A group of more than 12 members – 100 euro (per group)

The participants pay the fee before September 1, 2009. In case of refusal after September 1, 2009 the entrance fee doesn’t refund.

Elena Bizina
29 Sep 2009 - 4 Oct 2009
St.Petersburg, Russia

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International Festival "INTERFOLK” IN RUSSIA

The key object of the Festival is to promote interaction between cultures in the field of folk art. The essential idea of the Organizers comes down to assemble teams from different countries of the world in St. Petersburg for close interaction, with a view to afford further cross-enrichment of cultures and to promote international cultural cooperation.

 Vocal groups performing folk music: choruses and bands
 Dance groups performing popular dances
 Instrumental groups: orchestras and bands, performing folk music
 Teams enacting fragments of folk celebrations, customs, ceremonies, popular games, etc.
 A team should include no less than three members, no other limitations are placed on age or number of participants!

• The Festival is a charity event, participants will not receive any payment for concerts;
• All participants of the Festival will pay their travel, meals and accommodation at their own cost. The organising committee will provide hotels (hostels) at the option of respective team, and will arrange for feeding and cultural program (excursions) as agreed upon with participants;
• Each participant team will receive a diploma and a commemorative souvenir of the Festival,
• All the Festival events will be covered by press, radio channels and TV programs; participants’ information submitted to organising committee will be used in Festival advertising materials;
• A delegation may include not only artists, but also accompanying persons. No limitations are placed on number of artists and accompanying persons;

To participate in the Festival you should fill in the application form and send it by fax:
+7-812-328-39-21, e-mail to: interfolk@mail.ru , or send by ordinary mail to: 17-28, 2 Liniya, Saint Petersburg, 199004 Russia, not later than July 1, 2009.

Contact information of the Festival:
Tel./fax: +7-812-328-39-21
website: www.interfestplus.ru
e-mail: interfolk@mail.ru

Elena Bizina
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