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North Macedonia
5 Jul 2008 - 16 Jul 2008
Struga - Hotel "Biser" - OHRID LAKE

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Macedonian Pearl Folk-Seminar

Come to dance sing and play traditional Macedonian music and instruments near one of the most beautifull lakes in the world - Ohrid Lake, protected by UNESCO, produced by Goran Alachki & friends, the best teachers and instrumentalist in Macedonia...

Welcome in Macedonia!

Goran Alacki
6 Jul 2008 - 14 Jul 2008
Istanbul, Turkey

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Dance and Music Festival in Istanbul July 6th - July 14th, 2008
Registration deadline is June 12th, 2008.
Sign up now at www.folktours.com
Folk Tours
Tayyar Akdeniz Director of Folktours

Balkanfolk Calendar
9 Jul 2008 - 19 Jul 2008
Graz, Austria

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5th World Choir Games, Graz 2008

The biggest choir competition in the world, the World Choir Games, will begin on 9 July 2008 in the Austrian city of Graz. Once again, thousands of singers from all over the world will come together in peaceful competition to determine the champion of all choirs. Why don't you represent your country with your choir, along with the rest of the world's choirs! The Austrian public broadcaster, ORF, and other TV and radio stations will be covering the competition and will broadcast one of the big evening events.

For the first time, the festival is also open to brass bands, folklore ensembles and traditional dance troupes.

Balkanfolk Calendar
9 Jul 2008 - 15 Jul 2008
Belgrade, Serbia

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4th International Folk Dance Festival - BELGRADE 2008

4th International Folk Dance and Song Festival in Belgrade from 9th till 15th July 2008 within the C.I.O.F.F. network of festivals
is organized under auspices of the Municipality of Belgrade.

Vladimir Tanasijevic
11 Jul 2008 - 18 Jul 2008
Schoten, Belgium

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World Festival of Folklore Schoten 2008

The 50th World Festival of Folklore Schoten will be held from 11 to 18 July, 2008.

In 1959 members of a folklore group and the local tourist association founded The World Festival of Folklore in Schoten in order to promote folk art by presenting it to the public in a beautiful setting, being the historical castle and its surroundings.

The festival takes place every year from Friday before through Friday after the second Sunday in July. Eight to 10 high quality foreign dance ensembles present their program to an audience totalling 30 to 35.000.

It is an amateur festival and therefore meant in the first place to non-professional folk art groups of a high artistic standard. For the sake of preservation the organisers prefer authentic folklore, but they accept adaptation to the stage.

Kasteel van Schoten
Kasteeldreef 61
2900 Schoten

Tel: +32 (0)3 658 10 58
Fax: +32 (0)3 658 13 99

Balkanfolk Calendar
13 Jul 2008 - 20 Jul 2008
Istanbul, Turkey

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6th International Istanbul Music and Dance Festival

6th International Istanbul Music and Dance Festival organized by FOMGED Youth Club in Istanbul, the magical city where Asia and Europe meet.

Balkanfolk Calendar
18 Jul 2008 - 31 Jul 2008
Varshets, Bulgaria

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Balkanfolk 2008 - Folk Dance, Music and Singing Seminar

Folk Dance, Music and Singing Seminar Balkanfolk 2008 is 11th Balkan Folklore Workshop.

In the program of Balkanfolk 2008 are included the next courses:
- Bulgarian folk dances;
- Greek folk dances;
- Serbian folk dances.

Traditional music instruments:
gaida, kaval, dvoyanka, duduk, gadoulka, tamboura, tapan, tarambouka.
Accordion (Bulgarian and Serbian music),

Bulgarian singing and Bulgarian Language.

For more information and registration please visit at: Workshop site

Balkanfolk Team
18 Jul 2008 - 27 Jul 2008
Didimotiho - Evros, Thrace, Greece

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Greek traditional dances seminar in Greece - Thrace

Didimotiho – Evros, Thrace, Greece.
80 km north of Alexandroupoli city, close to borders between Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The seminar will take place in Didimotiho – Evros – Thrace, in Greece, in a region rich both in history and tradition. Visits and fests with people in villages nearby where tradition is still alive (dances, songs, clothes, cooking). Two excursions will take place in order to see other regions of Thrace where swimming in the sea will be possible.
Departure day will be the 27th of July 2008.

Thrace (Evros)  Ziogas George
North Thrace (Eastern Romilia)  Doropoulos Vangelis
Asia Minor, Northeastern Aegean islands  Kanaryelis John (Yannis)

There will be 4-5 hours of instruction daily and every night music and dancing with the teachers.

Hotel in Didimotiho, in bedrooms with two beds and bathroom, refrigerator, television, air-condition. The hotel also has bar, pool and very good, friendly service. Bedrooms with one bed are also available with an extra charge.

€650 per person. The price includes accommodation with breakfast, dinner, nights with music, two (2) excursions, fests. For those who are not interested in attending the dances training but to participate to the other events, the price will be €550 per person.

Contact for information
1. Maryse: 0033 1 46 27 92 04 (residence) – 0033 1 56 60 47 51 (work)
e-mail: marysefabre@wanadoo.fr
mobile phone: 0033 6 81 20 73 79

2. Zoi: 0030 6944770915 (all day)

3. John (Yannis) Kanaryelis:
e-mail: john_kanaryelis@yahoo.gr

For those interested in attending the seminar please call to entry until 20 March 2008, the latest.

John Kanaryelis
United States of America
18 Jul 2008
Mountain View, California, USA

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Balkan Dance Workshop with Daniela Ivanova

Friday, July 18th 2008,
8 - 11 PM
Admission $12 (students $6)

Stanford International Dancers is very pleased to sponsor another workshop led by Daniela Ivanova teaching Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian dances.

Daniela is an accomplished, professional folk dance teacher and performer.
She is also a very gifted choreographer and a researcher of the South Slavic folk dance culture. Daniela had degrees in philosophy, literature and cultural studies from the Institute of Music and Choreography, Sofia, and from the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. She was a full time teacher in choreography and co-founder of the Medena Pitka school ensemble.

She was artistic director of the Tropanka folk dance group (New Bulgarian University), choreographer of the Zornitza University students' folk ensemble, and a choreographer of student ensembles in Bulgaria, Banat and Besarabia. With these ensembles she toured France, Israel, Romania, Malta, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Mongolia. Her talent as an artist helps Daniela to be a very good educator as well. Her fine singing and very charming personality make her workshops more fun than work.

We meet at Flex-It Aerobics Studio, 425 West Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, 3-1/2 block east of Castro Street, immediately past Minton's Hardware and Lumber. For more information or more detailed directions, please call Ginny at (408)733-5529.

Boris Dimitrov
19 Jul 2008 - 2 Aug 2008
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Web Site
11th International Folklore Festival Veliko Tarnovo

The eleventh International Folklore Festival Veliko Tarnovo will take place on July 19 - August 02, 2008. As organizers of the event, we have the ambition to enrich the participants' list with ensembles from many attractive cultures and ethnic origins.

The Festival is said to be one of the biggest international folklore forums on the Balkans. It is a huge national event with world fame and a unique atmosphere.

The Veliko Tarnovo International Folklore Festival has been granted the statut of a Festival of CIOFF /International Council of the Organizers of Folklore Festivals and Traditional Arts at UNESCO/.

Deadline for sending promotional materials and registration forms for participation - 31.01.2008.

for mor information: www.folklorefest.com

Balkanfolk Calendar
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