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“Zornitsa” Ensemble was a guest to “Days of Friendship” in Luxembourg
“Zornitsa” Ensemble was a guest to “Days of Friendship” in Luxembourg

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“Zornitsa” Ensemble was a guest to “Days of Friendship” in Luxembourg
2 November 2007 - Luxembourg, Hesperange

From 26 to 29 October 2007 Hesperange, Luxembourg, was a host municipality of the festival “Days of Friendship”, in which “Zornitsa” ensemble took part upon the invitation of Bulgarian-Luxembourg association “Club 93”.
On 28 October 2007 Hesperange gathered dancers and musicians from Bulgaria, Moldova and Portugal. The hosts from Luxembourg made a presentation as well – play of a symphonic orchestra and flamenco dances.
The aim of the organization and the desire of the participants for a venue of cooperation and friendship was realized and the festival became a feast of celebration.
For an ending of the event “Zornitsa” ensemble performed a dance, on which the members of the group were congratulated by the mayor of the municipality and, last but not least by the compatriots who had come from near and far.

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Emil Genov

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14 November 2007, ann vannieuwenhuyze comment in French

We went to see Zornitsa (from Liège : almost 200 km) and it was worth it. Their performance was too short for us :)
Congratulations to the Zornitsa dancers.
Ann, Ensemble Sedianka, Belgium
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