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Balkanfolk Workshop 2007 Opening Today, July 15
Balkanfolk Workshop 2007 Opening Today, July 15

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Dance and Music Seminar for
Balkan Folklore - Balkanfolk

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Balkanfolk Workshop 2007 Opening Today, July 15
15 July 2007 - Bankya, Bulgaria

Participants from 10 countries are arriving from all continents to join the practical seminar for Balkan folklore Balkanfolk 2007. The Opening is today at Hotel Jeravna, in Bankya, a resort by Sofia.

The courses offer a wide range of subjects connected to Balkan folklore, amongst which Bulgarian dances, Romanian dances, Serbian dances, Bulgarian folk singing and all traditional Bulgarian instruments. Classes are divided into beginners and advanced for better comprehension and some of them offer an individual approach.

Moreover, an excursion to the famous town of Gabrovo, the Architectural-ethnographic complex "ETAR", the Shipka memorial - at the top of Shipka in Stara Planina will be organised, as well as a visit to the XI International folk festival “Vitosha” in Sofia. The participants will gather every evening and, with the orchestra will have fun and demonstrate the dances and songs they have learnt during the day.

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Vera Genova

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