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Awards of the musical game "Get to know the dance" for April 2021
Awards of the musical game "Get to know the dance" for April 2021

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Awards of the musical game "Get to know the dance" for April 2021
4 May 2021 - Facebook

The April edition of the musical game "Get to know the dance" is over. Those who chose the correct answer (Kasap, 4/4, Macedonian) are 146 people.

According to the rules of the game, each participant must:
⭐ To join the Facebook group "Guess the dance".
⭐ Share the video on your Facebook wall.
⭐ To choose the correct answer from the suggested ones.

For the month of April 2021 the winners are:
1. Mladenka Pavlova - Embroidered women's shirt and keychain

2. Mikaela Toleva - Keychain

3. Hris Gusev - Keychain

The winners were drawn by Boris Dimitrov - Director of Balkanfolk Ltd.

"Get to know the dance" is a monthly musical game for all lovers of Bulgarian folk dances and music. Every month we offer you the music of a Bulgarian dance, which you should know by choosing the correct answer from those offered.

Those who know the correct answer and share the video on their wall on their Facebook profile will have the opportunity to win an embroidered shirt and other prizes.

The game is held in the group "Get to know the dance" on Facebook and is organized by Balkanfolk.

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Boris Dimitrov

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Sleeves for Women's Shirt

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