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“Hand in hand” initiative – BULGARE & VEZBA
“Hand in hand” initiative – BULGARE & VEZBA

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“Hand in hand” initiative – BULGARE & VEZBA
14 November 2020 - Vezba.bg

To support BULGARE with “Hand in hand” initiative – BULGARE & VEZBA

BULGARE undoubtedly is the very first supporter of VEZBA helping and sustaining the development of our brand not only with the dancer who are also our models but with its unaltered support of the idea and its promotion.

In difficult times for all of us especially for the stageculture in Bulgaria, BULGARE does not have concerts. There is a lack of the joy that they convey through dance in our now even more monotonous daily routine. BULGARE can not perform the round dances “horo” that are a century old form of expression of a collective spiritual culture and maintaining the Bulgarian spirit.

Through all these years BULGARE did not allow us for a moment to forget who we are as a nation – bulgarians , that is why we must not let them to be forgotten. We from / VEZBA team decided that this is the exact right moment to repay for their help and support with the same by doing what we know best – clothes with folklore elements.

We wanted to create branded clothes for them for a long time including their logo and now it happens perhaps in one of the most difficult moments for any business. Indeed we had the time and the motivation to create a collection of garments where the symbolism of embroidery is intertwined, interpreted by professor Nikolai Nikov and presented by members of the ensemble.

20% of the cost of each sold item with BULGARE’s logo will be donated to BULGARE ENSEMBLE.

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Boris Dimitrov

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