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16th Children's Folk Dance Competition
16th Children's Folk Dance Competition

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16th Children's Folk Dance Competition
20 November 2018 - Bulgarian Army Theater, 10:00 h., Sofia

The RAC Sofia, RAC Sofia-City, RAK Blagoevgrad and RAK Dupnitsa, part of the international non-governmental organization Rotary, are pleased to invite you to the sixteenth edition of the Folklore Contest "Bulgarian Folklore".

The Bulgarian Army Theater will again be lit by more than 300 children, who will perform the stage with many folk dances and fun.

The aim of the concert is to preserve and popularize folk dance art. The revenues from the event will be supported by the folklore groups that will take part in the competition. Welcome on 1 December at 10 am, at the Bulgarian Army Theater. We are expecting you!

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Boris Dimitrov

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