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II "International children's folklore festival SOFIA" 2013
II "International children's folklore festival SOFIA" 2013

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II "International children's folklore festival SOFIA" 2013
7 April 2013 - Sofia

For the second consecutive year, in Sofia will welcome children from six countries. They will participate in the Second International Children's Folklore Festival Sofia from 25th to 27th April. This year more than 600 children aged 8-14 years will present the traditions and folklore of their country into three stages, the formal opening is planned for April 25 in front of the outdoor stage Municipality Youtube where you will have performance and smallest fans Bulgarian folk dances. On 26th April the residents and guests of the village Busmantsi will enjoy the performances of the kids, and 27 foreign groups and April and over 10 Bulgarian will make parade of 13 hours of Alexander Nevski Square (the central route) to the NPC, where the open stage at Ticket Center will close the festival. All events are free admission. The festival is invited to exclusive groups of children: Poland (Children's Ensemble Gevont of Zakopane), Russia (children's ensemble "Spoloho" from Murmansk), Macedonia (Center for Children "Mitevi" - Skopje), Turkey (nursery stock to School Gazientep) Bosnia and Herzegovina (Folk Ensemble "Gadzhret" - Sarajevo) and Estonia (Dance Ensemble "Suaroko" Kihnu the island). This year the "International Children's Folklore Festival Sofia" 2013 will support the national campaign of Sofia "Let's be better" to build a Center for treatment and rehabilitation of people injured in accidents and people awake coma Pancharevo. The festival will be officially opened on April 25 from 17 pm on stage in front of CO Mladost. Organizers: Association of International Children's Folklore Festival Sofia DYUTA "Zornitsa" and is co CO Mladost. The festival is organized with the support of Sofia municipality candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019 and the FA "Fire" Busmanci, Syndicate House of Culture of mobile workers in Bulgaria. Media Partners: Radio, Radio "Veselina" radio "dawn", Arena, Metropolitan PLC, magazine "8" journal "Journal of the woman", "Fiut" Folklore BG. Sponsors: "Yan Bibian - baby food," "Rabbit, Bayeux" hl Kiossev Villa, Hotel Diana 3, School of Bulgarian folk dances Youtube, Win AD Comet III. Association "International Children's Folklore Festival - Sofia" is a nonprofit organization that has set an important goal to make this festival an annual meeting of talented children from around the world to perform a memorable and fun way folklore, customs, culture and dance their countries. The association has the objective to develop and promote children's folk art, enriching cultural events in Sofia and the region, to realize concerts to participate in charitable initiatives by children for children to international exchange (art without borders) for groups of different ethnicities, religions and cultures, to actively fight the evils of modern society through art and culture. In 2012 on 27 and 28 April, Association MDFF Sofia Children's and Youth Dance Ensemble "Zornitsa" Sofia organized the first festival of the 3 outdoor and 1 indoor scenes municipalities Youtube, Sunrise, Iskar and Lozenets. In the festival program in 2012 was attended by over 700 children from five countries / Turkey - Ensemble TUBIL - Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Cultural and Artistic Association "Gajret" - Sarajevo, Serbia - Centre for Culture - Dimitrovgrd, France - "GAP group d 'Art populaire "- Berstet / 28 Bulgarian and kolekitva. http://www.festivalsofia.com

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Ivailo Parvanov

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