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First music and dance festival "Pilentse pee"
First music and dance festival "Pilentse pee"

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First music and dance festival "Pilentse pee"
12 November 2012 - Cultural Center "Krasno Selo", Sofia

The first music and dance festival "Pilentse pee" about 75 years since the birth of the great Bulgarian singer NADKA KARADJOVA will be held on 24 and 25 November 2012 in the Cultural Center "Krasno Selo" Sofia, Bulgaria
Right to participate in the contest "Pilentse pee" all children, youth, girls, women, men, divided into five groups:
FIRST GROUP - preschool children
SECOND GROUP - children of primary school age
THIRD PARTY - lower secondary age pupils
GROUP FOUR - high school students aged
GROUP FIVE - boys and girls over 19 years

For Expressions of Interest please e-mail: svetlakaradjova@ abv.bg / bodyfolk@ abv.bg
Deadline for entries - 18 November 2012.

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Boris Dimitrov

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