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Balkanalia – Balkan Music and Dance Camp
Balkanalia – Balkan Music and Dance Camp

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Balkanalia – Balkan Music and Dance Camp
1 September 2006 - Camp Angelos, Portland, USA.

Balkanalia’s tenth edition was held this year from 24 to 27 August in Camp Angelos, near Portland, USA.

It was a three-day incredible gathering of campers, musicians, dancers and singers in the idyllic atmosphere of Camp Angelos, a superb way to share your love of Balkan music and dance with other people.

Successful last year, a special evening class teaching basic dances was offered at the parties. Dancing and singing classes were accessible to beginners - the camp provided a fantastic introduction to those, who were new in Balkan music.

Marty Koenig, who is a nationally known teacher of Balkan dance, and has taught in university and community programs throughout North America led the dance courses. His early and pioneering experience in folk dance fieldwork has included extensive research, audio recording, photographing and filming in the Balkans, East Europe and the United States between 1966 and 1994. Founder Director and Co-Artistic Director of the Ethnic Folk Arts Center in New York City.

Brass Menagerie, and Anoush, performing exciting music of the Balkan countries performed. Bulgarians in the US is the name of a special band formed just for Balkanalia by  multi-instrumentalist Kalin Kirilov. It includes Milen Slavov on accordion, Angel Gadzhev on gudulka, Rumen Shopov on percussion and Zhivka Papancheva - vocals.

Balkanalia, Balkan music and dance camp, provided an opportunity for musicians with intermediate and advanced skills to learn more about their instruments and play in regional ensembles.


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