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Children's Dance Ensemble "Zornitsa" first international participation in Romania
Children's Dance Ensemble "Zornitsa" first international participation in Romania

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Children's Dance Ensemble "Zornitsa" first international participation in Romania
3 August 2011 - Tulcea, Romania

The festival is a contest this year is its 19th edition, in which they invited a group of 25 countries, including Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Cyprus, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and others. To provide the level of children "Zornitsa" emphasize the all-day rehearsal in the gym, losing a lot of summer holiday fun. They have to prepare two different programs of 20 minutes that will show concerts to combat competition and the other - talent and zeal for victory have it. His charm and dancing skills for Children ensemble "Zornitsa" show and now 4 years and the last time the audience was captured at the opening of the European Sambo Championship in Sofia in May this year. We wish you success and a "Goldfish" trophies to the little dancers! Children's Dance Ensemble "Zornitsa" - Sofia was founded in 2007. In its brief history the ensemble has more than 50 concerts and appearances. One of the greatest achievements to date of the composition are first in the category of costume, style and character of the second competition for "Dance Grand Prix Sofia 2010" and first place in category - "Rachenitsa for two" of Folk Festival "Chants of the Northwest" Montana - 2010 In 2011, Children's Dance Ensemble "Zornitsa" add two more big prizes to the other - the Grand Prix 8th Children's Folklore competition organized by the Rotaract Bulgaria and the "Big Dance Sofia Award 2011" in the first age group. Today in DTA "Zornitsa" trained over 130 children aged 4 to 16 years.

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Ivailo Parvanov

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