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"Nadigrai me" Newest Dance Competition of Bulgaria
"Nadigrai me" Newest Dance Competition of Bulgaria

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"Nadigrai me" Newest Dance Competition of Bulgaria
26 May 2011 - BNT World

On May 22nd, 2011, Bulgarian National Television World programme launched the newest dance competition of Bulgaria, "Nadigrai me" (the one who is better). Format is BNT (http://www.bnt.bg/)

Over seven consecutive Sunday nights, a competition of choreography between 14 teams will be seen on the screen. The final of the season will take place on the eighth night and winners of the seven Sundays will compete for first place.

Comperes of the dance competition are rock legend Milena Slavova and choreographer Asen Pavlov.

The competition is not open for professionals - they are easily recognised by small details such as body, arm and leg positions and will be disqualified.

The people involved come from different professions - doctors, judges, soldiers, dentists. The contest connects all those who truly love folklore. The selection takes place in three rounds. In the first round they will dance a horo chosen by the team. In the second round Asen Pavlov will show a horo which at the moment they must quickly learn and dance.

Assessments are made by the Jury during these two rounds. In the third round rachenitsa, which is considered to be one of the most complicated Bulgarian hora and the most suitable for dancing in a competition, is danced. Here the judges will be the viewers.

Interest in the casting is very big but tensions are further fuelled by the fact that the dance competition is between cities which are believed to be rivals. For example Varna against Burgas, Sliven against Yambol, Pernik against Kyustendil, Plovdiv against Pazardjik. The idea of a contest between rival cities is that of Toncho Tokmakchiev.

ROUND 1 - SUNDAY MAY 22, 2011, Burgas - Varna
Studio of National Dances "Georgiev" - Burgas, choreographer Todor Georgiev
Supporter: Toni Dimitrova

Dance School "Kolevi" - Varna, choreographer Georgi Kolev
Supporter: Cyril Asparuhov

Anna Travali - Balkanfolk correspondent

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Boris Dimitrov

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