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Ensemble « Horo »
Ensemble « Horo »

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Ensemble « Horo »
22 November 2010 - Chicago, United States

The Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble HORO was founded in 2003 with the support of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church St Ivan of Rila which provided a rehearsal room the first three years.

The founders of the ensemble are Irina Gotcheva and Todor Gochev. Irina graduated from the State High School of Choreography and the Music and Dance Academy in Plovdiv. She is also a ballet master and a former choreographer in Ensemble SLIVEN, Bulgaria. Todor is a Trakia dance master, a long time professional dance performer and a soloist of Ensemble SLIVEN.

Currently, Ensemble HORO has 40 members – women and men united in their love for the Bulgarian Folk Dance. Some of them have been professional dancers for years, others have performed with amateur groups, and yet others are beginners.

Ensemble HORO performs dances from all major ethnic regions of Bulgaria: Severniashka, Trakiiska, Shopska, Dobrudjanska, Pirinska, and Rodopska. Their costumes represent a variety of ethnic regions as well.

Ensemble HORO is well known to the Bulgarian community though different concerts and events, among which the traditional Spring Festival held at the University of Chicago. Ensemble HORO is striving to spread the beauty of the Bulgarian folk dances outside of the Bulgarian community and gladly accepts invitations for any artistic or cultural performances.

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