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Festival of folk costume in Jeravna '09
Festival of folk costume in Jeravna '09

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Festival of Folk Costume -
Jeravna 2009

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Festival of folk costume in Jeravna '09
27 August 2009 - Jeravna, Bulgaria

Festival of folklore costume in Jeravna 2012

For the second consecutive year in the reserve Jeravna festival held folk costume. Dobromeritsa field in the largest architectural reserve in Bulgaria welcomed all wish for 3 days to return decades ago. Craftsmen demonstrated their skills - Peko cakes in embers, making accessories and home items made of wrought iron, and platnishta woven rugs, embroidered aprons, bags and tablecloths. In the attraction of the festival guests have become folk dance ensemble from the Netherlands, who managed to dance and most complex of Bulgarian people. All guests had the opportunity to try the delicious beans, prepared to fire in an old Bulgarian recipe, traditional round loaves baked in the coals as 100 years ago and celebrated Zheravna chevermeta.

The news this year came from the mayor of Jeravna -  Lachezar Germanov, who announced the successful contract between municipalities and private Folklore Ensemble Bulgare festival to be held for 30 consecutive years in this place.

Ensemble Bulgare are initiators and organizers of the festival. This year, reported three times more visits and much higher interest from the media. Eaten were about 2 500 cakes, meatballs and 6 000 kebabcheta, 1 500 sausages, 10 chevermeta, exams are 140 liters of brandy, 1 tons and 200 liters of beer and a large quantity of wine.

In the symbolic part of a race joined the chambers of Kremikovtsi municipality. Sofia, Razgrad, Yambol Region, village Getsovo municipality. Razgrad, Ensemble Kapantsi "Dyulino village municipality. White, pp Kalchevo municipality. Tunja, pp Gospodinovo municipality. White, Trun municipality. Pernik, village Kalipetrovo municipality. Silistra - Dobrudzhantsi "Razhevo village municipality. Kaloyanovo club pensioner "Ruzha, Lozenets municipality. Straldzha, pp Dobrotitsa municipality. Silistra, Stefan Karadja district. Silistra, village Sofronievo municipality. Vratsa. And the amateur bands from Chernookovo municipality. Toshevo, pp Krassen, Shabla, Varna - folklore ensemble "Clover" Kalipetrovo village municipality. Silistra club "Progress", Duet Rukatka "Veselinovo village district. Noisy, Quartet Abagar "Harlets village municipality. Vratsa, Straldzha, club pensioner, Mogila municipality. Tunja, Gorna Oryahovitsa - Orchestra Onyx.

Major contribution to the good mood had Orchestra Vasilyovden Vassil Denev and Orchestra, George Koritarov with his brass band, part of 100 Rhodope bagpipes and zurnite from Petrich manager Miho.

Again we have witnessed the struggles and pehlivanski mummers dance.

Anyone who can afford to walk with a modern attribute - camera, sunglasses or wristwatch was omaskaren by guards from the village mummers Vesselinovo.

For next year, applications for participation and presence just days after the festival are 2 times more. 


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Boris Dimitrov

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