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"Nashenci" Folklore Formation has new manager
"Nashenci" Folklore Formation has new manager

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"Nashenci" Folklore Formation has new manager
3 April 2009 - Sofia, Bulgaria

After a year without activity, the formation resumed it.

Folklore Formation "Nashenci" has a new manager.
This is Emil Nikolov - professional musician, playing bagpipe. He had completed the National School for Folklore Arts in the village of Shiroka Luka and the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv (AMDFA), majoring in Performing Art - bagpipe. Winner of the Award of the Rector of AMDFA for his contribution and promotion of Bulgarian folklore during  2004. Instrumentalist in the representative orchestra of AMDFA. Author of a large number of music performances to the art company of Neshka Robeva - National Art. Solo performer in the Ethno Formation "Transformation”. He has made recordings for many theatrical, movie and TV folklore production.

Folklore ensemble "Nashenci" consists entirely of professional dancers, musicians and singers. From 2004 onwards has performed over 150 concerts in Bulgaria and abroad. It has taken more than 30 video and participated during the three nights of the festival “Pirin Folk Sandanski” in 2006

There are already first performances of 2009 - wedding ceremonies and corporate events, held in the most prestigious hotels in Sofia.

Formation expands its activity, except as a presentation of folklore programs also presents dancing on burning coals (nestinar) and mummers' plays (kukeri). It also conducts training of Bulgarian folk instruments. For brides and grooms – express training in typical Bulgarian folklore wedding dances - horo and rachenitsa.

For more information: www.nashenci.org

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Boris Dimitrov

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