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"Babinata Rakla" - Photo contest of traditional Bulgarian costume
18 May 2011

"Babinata Rakla" is a contest for photos of traditional Bulgarian costume organized by Balkanfolk LTD. Conditions for the contest.
You can include your photos to May 24, 2011 and the deadline for voting until May 31, 2011
To participate in the contest must have a registration at Balkanfolk.com and in the "Picture caption" to write a short description including: town of where costume and name of the individual elements.
Final Ranking

Babinata Rakla - Photo contest of traditional Bulgarian costume Jenska severnyashka nosia Men traditional folk costume Bulgarian folk costumes Jenska nacionalna nosiya Nacionalni kostumi Nacionalni nosii Bulgarian winter costume from s.Siva reka, Svilengrad Festive costume of the village Studena, Svilengrad Women's cotton shirt - tissues Grey River (Siva Reka) village, Svilengrad Folk costume from Siva Reka - Bulgaria Authentic costume from Lozene - Bulgaria Saya Green Kyustendil Authentic costume from the village Bunovo, Kyustendil Bulgarian traditional costume Bulgarian women's and men's traditional costumes Bulgarian traditional costume Bulgarian women's costumes from Zimnitsa, Bourgas Detska nosiya Folk costume from Chilnov, Ruse Region (hartsoyska) Saia from Kyustendil Traditional folk costumes from Nedelino, Bulgaria Traditional folk costume from Novo selo, Bulgaria Dobrudjanski costumes from the village of Glavan, Silistra nosia ot severna Bulgaria Bulgarian traditional costume from Oryahovo, North Bulgaria Nosiya ot Vidinsko Balgarski narodni nosii Severniashka nosia - Dolni Dabnik Male and female costume from Radomir Authentic Bulgarian woman's costume from the village Hupper, Razgrad Bulgarian authentic costume from the village Vardim, Svishtov municipality. Authentic costume from Vardim village, municipality of Svishtov Bride's costume from the village Bukoychene, Kichevo Bulgarian folk costume from Devnia, Varna Region Bulgarian folk costume from Devnia, Varna Region Traje tradicional búlgara de Padina, Región Varna Apron, towel and belt buckles from Ledenik village, municipality of Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria Bulgarian women's authentic costumes from the village Ledenik municipality of Veliko Tarnovo Women's folk costume from Sofia Region, Bulgaria Bulgarian costume from the Kabile village, Yambol Bulgarian National Costume from village Bania, Region of Razlog Male and female costumes from Sliven, Bulgaria Bulgarian folk costume from the village Boyanovo, Elhovo Municipality Tronkski costumes from the village Kirilovo, Elhovo Authentic women's costume from the village of Voden, Elhovo - Bulgaria Bulgarian woman's costume. Pisarevo village, municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa. Women's festive costume from Pisarevo village, municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa - Bulgaria Costume for a girl from the early 20 century Pisarevo village, municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa - Bulgaria Bulgarian Folklore Costume from Vakarel - Cultural Club "Zarya 1902". Authentic women's costume from Vakarel, Bulgaria Traditional (Kapanska) Bulgarian shirt Getsovo village, Razgrad Traditional Bulgarian shirts (Kapanski) Getsovo village, Razgrad Kapanski traditional Bulgarian costumes Handmade costume from Stara Zagora. (except blouse)   Handmade costume from Kjustendil. Completely hand made by Sedianka in Belgium. Bulgarian costume "lazarski" from the village of Pirin, Sandanski Municipality. Traditional costume for a child from Nikopol, Bulgaria. Pishtimal, apron, vest, head ornaments, belt Picture of me performing at a Bulgarian wedding in Los Angeles last year, wearing my Shop costume. Povadarska Nosija, Republika Makedonija - Повардарска носия, Република Македония - riza, pantaloni, fustanela, eleche, crveni chorapi, opinci, pojas i shapka Traditional Bulgarian costume from Dobarsko Strandja Zagorski Zidarovo costume from the village, Burgas region. Traditional Bulgarian costume from Varna Region Children's traditional costume for boy - Vidin Region, Bulgaria Pafti - makedonski Head decoration - prochelnik Kyustendilska Saya - traditional Bulgarian costume Bulgarian costume from Malchika village, Pleven Region Bulgarian costume Malchika village, Pleven - shirt, pinafore, apron "shorts" overcoat "kutsaveyka, cloth Authentic costume from the village Lalkovo, Municipality Elhovo, Yambol District. Bulgarian folk costume from Ruse, Bulgaria Bulgarian traditional costumes from village Ledenik, Veliko Tarnovo Region Litak from village of Beraintsi, Tran Region of Bulgaria Female costumes from the village of Bhutan, Bulgaria. Participation of Koprivshtitsa 2010 Traditional Bulgarian Costume from village Butan, Municipality Kozloduy Radomirska Saia - Bulgarian traditional costume from Shoppe Region Radomirski litak - Authentic Bulgarian folk costume  Costume unmarried woman from Radomir, Bulgaria Bulgarian Folk Costume from Sinyo Kamene - Bourgas National Bulgarian folk costumes from Razlog - rizi, eletsi Costume from Pirin Macedonia National dress from Razlog - Upper, shirt, apron, towel, socks, slippers Costume from the village of Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria Costume from the village of Gorna Lipnitsa - shareni chorapi, riza, fustan, prestilka,eleche, kolan s pafti, zabradka Bulgarian Graovo authentic costume from the village of Kladnica (Beckmenn Litak, shirt, striped socks, slippers, towel) Bulgarian National Costume from Region of Stara Zagora (sukman, prestilka) Folk costume from Lyubimets Region - Bulgaria (sukman, prestilka)

15.04.2011, Nina Vutova

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