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Bulgarian Folklore Heritage – Kosta Kolev

Gega New Music Company adds a new recording to its series entitled ‘Bulgarian Folklore Heritage’, a recording of songs and instrumental pieces by Kosta Kolev. Some of his most popular arrangements are included: ‘Haramiisko horo’, ‘Zaiko, kukuraiko’, ‘Kalimanku, Denaku mari’, ‘Lyulka se liulya, devoiko’, ‘Chie e tova momiche’, ‘Proviknal mi se e Nikola’, ‘Rossen, rossen’, ‘Krivo plovdivsko horo’, etc. The singers are the most famous Bulgarian performers: Kostadin Gugov, Yanka Rupkina, The Ensemble for Folklore Songs at Bulgarian National Radio, Kostadin Varimezov – gaida, Kaicho Kamenov, Nedyalka Keranova, Trakia ensemble from Plovdiv, Stoyan Velichkov – kaval, Boris Mashalov, Elena Bojkova, traditional orchestra at Bulgarian National Radio, Maria Leshkova, Boris Karlov – accordion, Verka Siderova, Rosa Tsvetkova, Nikola Ganchev – kaval and Kosta Kolev – accordion.

2 April 2008 - Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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Kukeri celebration for a second time in Toronto

This year's Kukeri celebration turned out even better than last year's. Our mummers' group increased in numbers and gained experience in chasing away all things bad. We had twice as many guests, and we danced thrice as much. We wonder what it is going to be like next year.

We squeezed in a Dialect Evening, during which we spoke in and compared various Bulgarian dialects. The most incomprehensible ones proved to be the one from my father's village of Dobrich, near Haskovo, and the Shoppean dialect, proudly demonstrated by Mr. Todor Panchev from the town of Elin Pelin (you'll see Todor straining his neck towards the mike in one of the photos below). There were no competitors from such weird-speaking regions like the Strandja and the Rhodopes mountains. Let's hope those lands' sons stand up for their mothers' ways of speaking next year.

31 March 2008 - Toronto, Canada
Nedyalko Tilev
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  75 Years of the Birth of Prof. Kiril Stefanov (1933-2005)

As the present chief artistic director of National Ensemble for Folklore Songs and Dances ‘Pirin’, Dimitar Hristov, would put it into words, 2008 would be a year dedicated to the 75th anniversary of maestro Kiril Stefanov’s birth. The beginning of a series of venues is on 27 March in his hometown Blagoevgrad. An anticipated seminar on the subject ‘Art and Life” will be held, a plaque will be unveiled on the façade of his house and a concert of the ensemble will be held in Yavorov Hall from 6.30 PM. Numerous concerts in different towns during the whole year are to be organised.

26 March 2008 - Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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Children smiles lighten up a Cultural Club in Mladost 1, Sofia

Extremely happy mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers applauded the very first stage performance of the little dancers at Zornitsa Children’s Dance Ensemble. The occasion was the first anniversary of the group and it occurred thanks to the ambitious kids and of course due to the hard work of the young choreographer Ivaylo Parvanov, together with his assistant Dessislava Ivanova and the musician Ivaylo Kirov.

5 March 2008 - ‘Mladost’ Cultural Club, Sofia
Boris Dimitrov
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Festival of Masquerade Games - Stara Zagora 2008

The 9th Festival of the Bulgarian Masquerade (Kukeri) Games will gather groups of kukeri from Yambol, Sliven, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Pernik, Silistra and Stara Zagora. They will start their procession in the streets of the city centre at 10:30, March 1, 2008. It will finish in front of the City Hall with a peformance of old ritual dances to chase the evil, the cold and the dark and welcome the birth of the new beginning of a new cycle of the nature.

1 March 2008 - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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An event of the ‘Gamza’ dance formation

‘Gamza’ dance formation from the village of Novo selo will take part in the meeting of the inhabitants of Novo selo, which will take place in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia on 22 February 2008 from 7 pm. The meeting has been an annual event for 50 years.

19 February 2008 - National Palace of Culture, Sofia
милена борисова
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Младежки конкурсен фестивал на изкуствата

Младежкият конкурсен фестивал на изкуствата се организира за четвърти път под мотото "Да пеем - да се надпяваме, да свирим - да се надсвирваме, да играем - да се надиграваме” от „Асоциация Български Фолклор”, “Еврогрейд” ООД със съдействието на Столична община. Той ще се проведе в Дом на културата „Средец” гр. София от 18 - 20 април 2008 г.

Фестивалът е част от поредица мероприятия, сред които Международна лятна академия на изкуствата (07.06 - 27.08. 2008 г.), в рамките на която се провежда и Международен фолклорен фестивал, през месец август в гр. Приморско (27.08 - 31.08 2008 г.)

14 February 2008 - София, Дом на културата „Средец”
Димитър Тодоров
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Happy St.Valentine's Day

Dear friends,

Happy St.Valentine's Day.

You are wellcome to the first international Carnival of Lira Group Dance Company on February, 14th in Sofia - Bulgaria, 17 Yanko Sakazov Str.

13 February 2008 - Bulgaria, Sofia
Loretta Dimitrova
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Multicultural Festival Canberra - 2008

The Multicultural festival of Canberra (from 8 to 17 February) will welcome a Bulgarian group for a third time in the capital of Australia

This year’s performance of Bulgarian might be determined as “a folklore tornado” of dances, music and songs from all parts of Bulgaria.

Upon the personal invitation of Mr. Domenic MICO – Artistic Director National Multicultural Festival, Bulgarian ensemble “Varna” will perform folklore dances of different regions of Bulgaria, as well as Kukeri dance, a thing that has never happened at the festival before.

8 February 2008 - Canberra, Australia
Boris Dimitrov
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Trifon Zarezan (St. Trifon the Pruner), folk-wise

The most triumphant for the natural forces ritual is called Trifon Zarezan because all vine-growers perform the first pruning of the vineyards. In this, the men are accompanied by the women, the young and the kids. They all go together to their piece of land to show their respect to it and inspire it for a new life with the first agricultural ritual during the new year, with festive songs and dances, with a ritual table laid among the vineyards. The first pruned vine sticks will be wreathed into a crown for the best vine-grower in the village. He will be proclaimed the "Vine King" of the year.

1 February 2008 - Bulgaria
Balkanfolk site
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