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Theme International Folk Festival in Italy
User colledelverdicchio
Date 27.04.2008 15:27 Reply
Text Dear Friends,

We send some informations about the folk group "Colle del Verdicchio which organize the International Folk Festival from 31/07 to 03/08.

The folk group Colle delVerdicchio was born in 1971 in Staffolo, in the province of Ancona, a small hilly town of Marche Region, with the intention of spreading our folk traditions, is composed of about 20 members aged between 15 and 25 years ; during the last years the group has participated to the International Folk Festival in almost all Europe, Unicef competitions, and even a national television broadcasts.

The folk group is also members of F.I.T.P. and IOV.

Since 1978 organized the International Folk Festival, now, this year at its 30th edition, and has had the honour of hosting Folk groups from around the world.
This year will participate groups from: Mexico, Russia, Colombia and Uganda, as well as from Italy and are awaiting other signers but we would be really happy and proud to have with us a group like you, if it possible , implement an exchange programme.

More stories are on our web site but we are working on an upgrade will be available in a few days, in the main time we send you the photo, with the longest organetto of the world, 6.2 metres, designed and built by musicians of the Group.
I thank you in advance for your cooperation and Best Regards.

The Artistic Director
Michela Bastari

Via Roma, 61 –
e-mail: colledelverdicchio@libero.it

04.05.2008 11:55
Bulgarian Folkdance Group to the Festivals 2008 [Re: International Folk Festival in Italy]

Dear Friends,

I can Invite some Bulgarian Folkdance Group to the Festivals 2008.

- Hungary at 5-11.August.2008
- Hungary at 22-29.July.2008
- Italy - Calabria at 9-16.August.2008

free accommodate and meals in College / School
35+2 persons by Bus - live music

Participation fee: 6oo.-EU / Group.
Age of the dancers: 17-35

Awaiting the your answer!
István Eredi
e-mail: festival@axelero.hu

08.11.2009 16:48
Re: International Folk Festival in Italy [Re: International Folk Festival in Italy]

Dear Sir/Madam,

We take the pleasure to inform you that ours is a Cultural Group and Academy specialized in the Punjabi Folk Dances like (Bhangra, Giddha, Malwai Giddha and other folk dances) and are providing training to the kids and youths in Punjab, i.e. the northern region of India, which is known around the world for its good human values, relations and bravery. Our cultural group includes male as well as female members. Apart from this, we have been participating in different cultural festivals organized in India and abroad since long.

While surfing through internet, we came in contact with your site and noted that you are one of the organizers of cultural festivals being organized around the world. Since we feel that we are in the position to approach you directly to demonstrate our cultural specialties, if we are given a chance to perform in your country on your invitation, we are contacting you by this mail.

We are of the opinion that the cultural festivals being organized around the world are being proved to be a good source of culture exchange in between the different communities, nations and continents, which is really needed during this pace of human welfare, world peace and integration.

We hereby offer our consent to participate in the cultural festival to be organized by you in the future. We shall feel highly obliged if you kindly provide us the details of the forthcoming festival, if any and the formalities to be completed by us at our end for participation.

We hope you would consider our proposal favorably and would definitely give us a chance to start and strengthen our cultural relations.

We hope for your kind consideration and long term cultural relations.

Please do reply.

Thanks and regards,

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