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Theme International Folklore Festival in Japan
Date 06.05.2008 15:45 Reply
Text Dear Folklore Friends,

"Hitococochi, Inc." is organizing the 2008 World Music and Dance Festival "Hakodate Kokusai Minzoku Geijutsu Sai" (HAKODATE World Music&Dance Festival)in Hakodate city, Hokkaido, Japan. It will be held from August 19 to August 24, 2008.

The festival will combine four activities.

(1) An outdoor concert on a stage with a spectacular view in front of Hakodate Mountain.

(2) A parade in the historic Hakodate Bay area.

(3) Numerous smaller scale performances and workshops in cafes and music halls.

(4) Performances in local schools.

Hitococochi and IOV-JAPAN will welcome people ardently.

We would like to invite you to participate in this festival. We have summarised the details below, and would be happy to answer any further inquiries you might have. If required, we can supply Official invitations with your group name or other paperwork.

The people of Hakodate are looking forward to welcoming you to our town, to making your stay a memorable one, and to your performance.

SOGA Naoto, Director


Name: 2008 World Music and Dance Festival "Hakodate Kokusai Minzoku Geijutsu Sai" Place: Hakodate Country: Japan http://www.city.hakodate.hokkaido.jp/kikaku/english/

Date: Aug 19 - Aug 24, 2008 (The arrival date: Aug18, 2008 /The departure date: August26, 2008)

Edition: 1st Audience: about 30,000

Organization: Committee of World Music and Dance , UNESCO IOV JAPAN

Festival Director: SOGA Naoto Production: Hitococohi, Inc.

Requirements for participating groups: Operates according to IOV standards

* play live music (not tapes, CDs, etc.)

* perform with up to 25 people(More than 16 years old)

* play for 5 to 30 minutes

 We offer all participating groups:

* Free meals and housing (hotels or host-families)

* Cover Transport in Hakodate (from/to New Chitose-airport/ Hakodate airport,)

 The Organizers will not cover costs of transportation to Japan border and from it back home to       country of origin. All additional costs of transportation : reparations, technical checking will be cover by participants. 

* General event insurance and First aid

* The possibility to sell goods, CDs, etc.

 Obligations of each group:

* Ensure current medical insurance

 Items we request participating groups to submit beforehand:

* A DVD or DVD-R with performances (sorry, not DVD-RW)

* A CD or CD-R for promotion

* Some original photos

* A description of the group

* A list of festivals previously participated in

Deadline :May 15

Here are the main rules regarding the participation of your group:

Provide a deposit of 1 000 $USD JUN10th, 2008 to guarantee your participation. The deposit will be reimburse at the departure of the ensemble on AUG 26th.

An IOV-JAPAN account name
Beneficiary's name: IOV JAPAN Yoo JaeJung
Beneficiary's A/C No. 5022051
Addrss: 3-4-22,Oimazato Higashinari-ku Osaka,Japan
Postal code 537-0012
Beneficiary's bank name: The Bank of Tokyo-Mittsubishi UFJ,Ltd
name of the Branch:TAMATSUKURI


Each appearance group, New Chitose-airport/ Hakodate airport arrival on Monday, August 18

August 19(Tuesday) rehearsal, a reception

August 20 (Wednesday): School performance and a workshop,

Night:Festival performance(The outdoor stage)

August 21(Thursday): School performance and a workshop,

Night:Festival performance(The outdoor stage)

August 22 (Friday): School performance and a workshop,

Night:Festival performance(The outdoor stage)

August 23 (Saturday): Performance and a workshop,

Night:festival performance(The outdoor stage)

August 24 (Sunday): Performance and a workshop,

Night: festival performance(The indoor stage)

August 25 (Monda y) Morning: School performance

Leave each appearance group, Hakodate/ on, August 26(Tuesday)

Festival performance: From 10 to 40(It is approximately every day each group)
School performance: From 30 to 40(Each one or two groups)
Workshop(A primary schoolchild, a citizen object): Around 60 minutes(Each group one or two days)

Postal code 537-0024
1-10-3,Higashiobase Higashinari-ku Osaka,Japan
Goichi Building 3F  IOV JAPAN
TEL 81-6-6981-3952 FAX 81-6-6975-0323
E mail  iov-japan@kmc-g.com

08.11.2009 16:40
Re: International Folklore Festival in Japan [Re: International Folklore Festival in Japan]

Dear Sir/Madam,

We take the pleasure to inform you that ours is a Cultural Group and Academy specialized in the Punjabi Folk Dances like (Bhangra, Giddha, Malwai Giddha and other folk dances) and are providing training to the kids and youths in Punjab, i.e. the northern region of India, which is known around the world for its good human values, relations and bravery. Our cultural group includes male as well as female members. Apart from this, we have been participating in different cultural festivals organized in India and abroad since long.

While surfing through internet, we came in contact with your site and noted that you are one of the organizers of cultural festivals being organized around the world. Since we feel that we are in the position to approach you directly to demonstrate our cultural specialties, if we are given a chance to perform in your country on your invitation, we are contacting you by this mail.

We are of the opinion that the cultural festivals being organized around the world are being proved to be a good source of culture exchange in between the different communities, nations and continents, which is really needed during this pace of human welfare, world peace and integration.

We hereby offer our consent to participate in the cultural festival to be organized by you in the future. We shall feel highly obliged if you kindly provide us the details of the forthcoming festival, if any and the formalities to be completed by us at our end for participation.

We hope you would consider our proposal favorably and would definitely give us a chance to start and strengthen our cultural relations.

We hope for your kind consideration and long term cultural relations.

Please do reply.

Thanks and regards,

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