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Theme Bulgarian folklore
User annatravali
Date 07.05.2007 05:21 Reply
Text I am an Australian who has been living in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the past five years. During this time, I've been completely absorbed in the dancing, singing and music of the country. I have been learning folkdances from the Shoppian, Thracian, Pirin, Dobruzhda and northern Bulgaria regions, all of which differ considerably in their styles. As well as learning circle dances I dance with Zornitsa, a students' ensemble where choregraphed dances for the stage are taught and which tours abroad each summer for festivals. It is very rewarding to be surrounded by so much folklore and to go to concerts held in Sofia and throughout the country. Many ensembles perform their different repertoires and the beautiful costumes from the various areas add to the colour and movement on the stages. As well, national and international festivals are held in Bulgaria and it is very interesting to see dances etc. from other countries.
I've also participated in five workshops organised by Balkanfolk organisation. These workshops are held every summer and one can learn Bulgarian dancing, singing, musical instruments and language, also, dances and instruments from other Balkan countries such as Serbia and Romania. It's also possible to come not as a participant but to enjoy a holiday in Bulgaria and have fun with people who arrive from countries from around the world.
This is just a brief outline of the fascinating culture of Bulgaria. It's not only the arts which I find interesting but also the customs which date back many centuries. For instance, special fests for saints' days, exchanging red and white tassles called martenica on March 1st with one's friends, for good health and luck...and so the list goes on.
What are you doing? Dancing, singing, learning an instrument? I would be very interested to hear about your involvement and what happens in your country. It would be great if you could write, there are so many different cultures that it's exciting to hear what goes on in other lands.
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Anna Travali

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  Bulgarian folklore annatravali 07.05.2007 05:21
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