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Name Days
10 Feb 2022 - 10 Feb 2022

On February 10, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. Charalampius the Wonderworker

On February 10, people named Valentin, Valentina, Valeri, Valeria, Valio, Valya, Lambi, Peyo, Haralambi, Haralampi celebrate Name Day.

Св. Харалампий Чудотворец, епископ Магнезийски

Boris Dimitrov
Name Days
13 Feb 2022

Today they have a name day Evlogi, Evlogiy, Evlogiya, Zoya

On February 13, the people bearing the names Evlogi, Evlogiy, Evlogiya, Zoya celebrate the name day.

Boris Dimitrov
18 Feb 2022 - 20 Feb 2022
NDK, Hall 1

70 years of the State Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev"

Bulgarian State Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev" will celebrate its 70th anniversary with three concert performances.

The 70-year history of the Philip Kutev Ensemble has given us numerous reasons for pride, and each of its new performances is a real celebration.

Founded in 1951, the Ensemble revives, preserves, creatively interprets and promotes Bulgarian folk culture with concerts in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The most characteristic musical and dance realizations are the fruit of the great talent and deep knowledge of Bulgarian folklore by the unique artists Filip Kutev and Margarita Dikova, continued today by Elena Kuteva, Georgi Andreev, Ivaylo Ivanov.

In February 2022 we will have the privilege to touch the impressive voices, magnetic musicians and virtuoso dancers of DFA "Philip Kutev", who will celebrate their 70th anniversary with three bright concerts:

* On February 18 - "THE BEGINNING" - we will hear and see musical and dance works preserved from the birth of the ensemble until 1985, including the iconic production "Thracian Wedding".
* On February 19 - "THE WAY" - we will enjoy the stage achievements through the premiere of three new works of the ensemble, as well as the participation of guest performers.
* On February 20 - "HERITAGE" - we will touch on the transmitted and received folklore and stage heritage.

Special guest performers in the anniversary events will be the professional ensembles "Pirin" and "Trakia".

The solemn concerts on the occasion of the 70th anniversary are held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev and will mark the beginning of a national tour, which will take place in 2022.

Especially for the anniversary, the first 700 seats in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture will be offered in a special package, including all three concerts.

Ticket prices for each individual concert are from BGN 20, 30, 40 and 50 and can be purchased in the eventim network, the NDK electronic ticket center, as well as the NDK ticket center.

The event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhilipKoutev/
Presentation of the State Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev" in ArtBF.com

70 годишен юбилей на Държавен фолклорен ансамбъл „Филип Кутев“

Watch performances of the Philip Kutev Ensemble from their participation in the Folklore Dance Panorama organized by the Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation.

"Sharena gayda"
choreography: Ivaylo Ivanov, music: Georgi Andreev
performed by National Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev"

"Trakiiski motivi"
choreography: Ivaylo Ivanov, music: Georgi Andreev
performed by National Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev"

"Svatbarska Rachenitsa"
choreography: Margarita Dikova, music: Ivan Kavaldzhiev
performed by National Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev"

Boris Dimitrov
Name Days
21 Feb 2022

Today is the name day of Eustatius, Eustathius, Eustathiya

On February 21, people bearing the names Eustatius (Evstatiy), Eustathius celebrate Name Day.

St. Eustatius, Archbishop of Antioch

Boris Dimitrov
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17 Jun 2022 - 20 Jun 2022
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Konstantin Velichkov Square, Pazardzhik
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25 Jun 2022
Yagodovo village, Plovdiv Region, Bulgaria
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28 Jun 2022
National Palace of Culture, Hall 1
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25 Jul 2022 - 4 Aug 2022
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Berovo & Vladimirovo
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3 Aug 2022 - 7 Aug 2022
Tsarevets village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district

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