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Czech Republic
14 Dec 2011 - 18 Dec 2011

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International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music Winter Sonata Prize 2011

International Festival of Advent and
Christmas Music
Winter Sonata Prize 2011
December 14 -18. 12. 2011
Dear Friends, the ENDOWMENT FUND International Youth Forum are inviting you to take part in the IV. International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music “The WINTER SONATA PRIZE 2012” The festivals will held in the Czech Republic in Prague on December 14 -18. 12. 2012. The Czech capital Prague opens its gates and invites choirs to its charming center decorated for Christmas. We are inviting music choirs and orchestras from all over the world; your songs and performances will contribute to a truly heartwarming atmosphere of Christmas. The festival will be held by the International Youth Forum ENDOWMENT FUND, under the patronage of City Hall of Prague. Choirs are eligible to join the festival either as non-competitive choirs participating in all the performances of the festival, or as competitive choirs. The Festival is open to Mixed, Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Choirs and Chamber Vocal Ensembles, Orchestras and music bands. The time limit on performances is 15 minutes. The program can consist of advent or spiritual music either a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment (a piano will be available). In the Festival take part the Choirs and music bands from all over the World, which desires to perform its cultural work. The age of participants is not restricted. The Festival organizers look forward to hosting professional and amateur choirs and choral ensembles. APPLICATION:The festival can be entered by sending the application form by e-mail: festival@praha-cz.net
or to the fax: +420-267911783. The final date for application is 10.09.2012 ; Prizes: Each choir will receive a diploma with the certification of the results. Upon proposal of the jury, other prizes of the festival will be awarded; for the best performances from the point of view dramaturgy, voice culture, or conducting. The jury decisions are final, no appeals may be made. Special prizes: GRAND-PRIX CERTIFIKAT FOR THE 3 YEARS FREE PARTICIPATION IN THE ONE OF THE FESTIVALS BY ENDOWMENT FUND INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FORUM!!! The 1st. Laureates, will get the free tour to the EUROPE FESTIVAL TOUR The winners will be invited to the summer festival in the South Bohemia !!!Festival competition payment: 280, - EUR per one group. The festivals of the Endowment Fund International Youth Forum has been in existence since 2002 and is now a biennial event. It has established itself as an intimate, friendly, well-organized event with an emphasis on making life as easy as possible for participating groups and their directors. For more questions don’t be hesitate to contact us.We are looking forward to meet you in the Czech Republic! Organization board International Youth Forum ENDOWMENT FUND

Tel: +420 267911785
Fax : +420 267911783
GSM: +420 731484366, +420 773170954

Anastasia Drbalova
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