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Traditional Costumes
Apron from Thrace, Bulgaria

Traditional Costumes
Apron from Thrace, Bulgaria

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27 Jun 2011 - 2 Jul 2011

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Intern.Beylikdüzü Culture & Art Festıval


1. Participants:
• We will prefer groups with live music but recorded music also possible.
• Age of participants over the 16 years,
• Groups can consist to 35 members
• Only the organizer can decide of taking more participants in each group.
2. The organizer provides:
• Accommodation /6 nights/ in hostel.
• 3 meals a day,
• An English-speaking guide,
• Integration meetings and evening parties, sightseeing tour in İstanbul,
• A meeting with the authorities of the city-gifts exchanging.
• Normal Health insurance for each participant
3. Groups are obliged to participate in all the Festival events prepared as part of the Festival and to be at organizers’ disposal during the Festival.
4. All the Festival events can be recorded and distributed via radio, Internet or television without any fee for the Group.

5. Cost of participation:
• Cost of participation per person is totally 100 euro.
• The director and dirvers of the Group do not pay cost of participation.

Festıval Menager

Arif Sönmez
27 Jun 2011 - 3 Jul 2011
Denizli - TÜRKİYE

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XI.Internatıonal Folk Dance Festıval


Denizli Munıcıpalıty Internatıonal Folk Dance will take place between the 27 June - 03 July 2011 in Denizli, Türkiye. Internatıonal Festıval of Organızing Committee, Anatolıan Folk Dance Group and PAHOY-Pamukkale Folk Dance Youth Club.
1. Accomodatıon 6 nıghts in youth hostel 2. Three meals a day. 3. The groups will not give pay cost of the transport to İstanbul Aırport and local transport. 4. An Englısh - speaking guide 5. Integratıon meetings and evening partıes,sightseeing and boat tour in İstanbul 6. Normal health insurance for each partıcıpant during the festıval. 7. Gifts for each person, t-shırt,hat,partıcıpant's card 8. 250 LT of petrol will given for these actıvıtıes to each bus 9. Pocket money wiill not be paid to the groups by Festıval Commıttee
1. The ages of the dancers : has to be from 16 years old. 2. The number of members of the group : Maxımum 35 people. The festıval commıttee isn't obliged to accommodate and provide meals for extra people. 3. The number of the members excluding the dancers : Maximum 10 people.(Admınıstrator teachers,musıcıans,drıvers and others) 4. The groups are requested to arrıve in İstanbul on 27 June and depart on 03 july 2011 The groups who will arrıve by bus must be in the hostel on 27 June 2011 at 12:00 - 16:00 5. Each group should bring flags of their countrıes with them. 6. We will prefer groups with live musıc but recorded music also possıble. 7. The advance programme should only be changed by the festıval committee in special circumstances, ex if another group does not appear at the festıval, or if the wheather requires a change in plans.The groups be flexible in these circumstances. 8. All the groups are requested to bring one man and one women tradıtıonal costumes for the museum of Costume.
Your Sıncerely,

The Dırector Of Anatolıan Folk Dance Group Representatıve of Intern. Groups From Gogakou Folk Camp Greece Festıval Menager

www.anatolianfolk.org www.anatolianfests.com
turkei_iov@yahoo.com info@anatolianfolk.org
Address : P.K 40, 35541 - Denizbostanlısı , İzmir - TÜRKİYE

Arif Sönmez
27 Jun 2011

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Академичен танцов театър
към Варненски Свободен Университет „Черноризец Храбър“
ще представи:


27 юни 2011г. ЛЕТЕН ТЕАТЪР-ВАРНА
начало: 20:30ч.

Заповядайте да ни гледате :)
За повече информация на касата на ЛЕТНИЯ ТЕАТЪР

Живко Кожухаров
Folk Tours
30 Jun 2011 - 12 Jul 2011
Ammuliani and Thessaloniki

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12th Seminar of Greek Dance with Kyriakos

For twelve consecutive years Kyriakos has been organizing his summer “Seminar of Greek Traditional Dance” in Greece. This time, the twelfth seminar, is dedicated to the region of Thessaloniki, a region where many different folk traditions exist side by side reflecting the variety of ethno-cultural groups found in the area. Older native inhabitants (locals, Vlachs, Saraktsans) are complemented by the refugee settlers (Pontians, Thracians, Cappadocians, Anatolians) enriching this impressive mosaic.
The seminar will be organized to present these traditions in two differing formats. The first four days, the seminar participants will take part in workshops on the island of Ammouliani, Chalkidiki with the participation of ten select and well known dance troupes and accompanying locals in a Festival of Tradition. Each evening 3 - 4 groups will present songs and dances from specific regions followed by a “glendi” with live music representing these same regions. During the days various teachers and specialists will offer classes in dance, song, traditional dress from which the seminar participants will be allowed to freely choose. Exhibits of local dress will be set up along with other relevant activities.
On the 4th of July the participants will be transferred by bus to Perea, Thessaloniki for the remainder of the seminar July 4 – 12.
Each day will be dedicated to a different village of the Thessaloniki region. Mornings will consist of dance classes and an introduction to native traditions of the specific village conducted either by Kyriakos or the local representative teacher while the evenings will consist of a visit to the same village for the opportunity of experiencing dance and hospitality with the locals.
Our first “glendi” will take place in Perea itself alongside local performers and villagers while a larger “glendi” will be organized with the participation of well known dance troupes from Thessaloniki to take place at the city’s sea side by the statue of Alexander the Great close to the White Tower (the city’s symbol).
Visits to important sites and museums will be organized as well. And each day there will be enough free time for the individual to rest, relax, shop or whatever.
All “glendia” will be accompanied by live music while special buses will provide travel to and from the various villages. The seminar price includes breakfast and dinner; an educational packet with information about the dances, songs , customs and costumes to be presented and taught; maps and useful information; seminar T-shirt and of course a CD with the music for all the dances.
Ammouliani is the small island just off Chalkidiki between the second and third “fingers”, opposite Mt. Athos. It has one village and offers beautiful beaches and coastlines. Perea is the first village one encounters past Thessaloniki’s airport and is built on the coast with a view of the city and Mt. Olympus. Accommodations in Ammouliani will be provided by the “Sunrise Hotel” and in Perea by the “Xenia Hotel”
The number of participants will be limited and requires the on time down payment (deposit) of 200 Euros as a declaration of intent. This declaration must be received no later than June 10, 2011 and is contingent upon the availability of spaces. The total cost of the seminar (classes, parties, accommodations, etc) is 1050 Euros for a double room and 1300 Euros for a single room. The cost for those not full time, i.e. those not wanting to take the classes, is 750 Euros.
Kyriakos Moisidis was born in 1968 in Prohoma, Thessaloniki. He studied Business Administration at the University of Macedonia and Physical Education and Athletics with a major in traditional Greek dance at the Aristotle University, both in Thessaloniki. Kyriakos has been studying traditional dances for 27 years and teaching for the past 25 years. Currently he teaches traditional dance at the University of Macedonia in the Department of Music Science and Art. As well, he teaches for three Thessaloniki based dance troupes and at many seminars both in Greece and abroad. This will be the twelfth annual “Seminar of Greek Dance” organized by Kyriakos.

Kyriakos Moisidis
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