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Christina Lyutova
Bulgarian folk singer Christina Lyutova was born in Smolyan, Bulgaria on 24 May 1940.

We get acquainted with the authentic folk music of the Rhodopes thanks to the numerous singers who are dedicated to tracing out and recording folk songs from their native places. One of these singers is Christina Lyutova, who has collected and kept alive more than 400 songs.

The Bulgarian National Radio preserves in its music library above 40 of these songs! A descendant of renowned Rhodopean families, Christina was a long-standing soloist in the Rhodopa Ensemble – Smolyan. She has inherited from her family not only the love for the song and her remarkable talent, but also the spirit for struggle and constant search for new possibilities in presenting the Rhodope folk music. Besides in the Rhodopa Ensemble, she also sang in the Great Bulgarian Voices folk choir, conducted by Zdravko Mihailov.

She has performed in France, Cuba, The Netherlands, Russia, Greece, Mexico, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Korea, Germany, Hungary, and in many other countries. The wonderful Rhodopea Kaba Trio which was founded by her widens her creative range to an even greater extent. She remarks about the Trio: “There are kaba gaidas, so why shouldn’t there be a kaba trio, too? These are three low-pitched voices, stable and deep-toned, three individualities, well-blended together”.

In his notes to the album, Prof. Manol Todorov refers to her “specific timbre, that powerful and deep-toned richness, which goes beyond the generally accepted idea of a beautiful alto and outlines the beauty of a really unique voice”.

Rafinka - Rhodope Folk Songs
Christina Lyutova
Label: Gega New
Price: €10.00 €7.00
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