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Costumes traditionnels
Tsarvuli (chaussures bulgares typiques) N 44

Costumes traditionnels
Chemise des hommes brodés traditionnels

Costumes traditionnels
La chemise de l'homme traditionnel brodé bulgare

Costumes traditionnels
Tsarvuli (chaussures bulgares typiques) N 40

Costumes traditionnels
Tsarvuli (chaussures bulgares typiques) N 43


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République Tchèque
4 Jan 2010 - 9 Jan 2010
République tchèque: Prague - Karlovy Vary - Teplice

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Le conte de fées d'hiver - VI. FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL - concours de jeunes et d'art pour enfants

Dear friends!

Let us to invite you & yours arts groups, to take part in the
VI. Traditional International children and youth festival – Winter Fairytale
This festival is the most famous & serious festival in the Czech Republic, for children’s and youth from all over the world. The festival is held under protection of embassy of the Russian Federation, WITH PATRONAGE OF MINISTER OF EDUCATION, CITY HALL OF PRAGUE &PRESIDENT OF THE USTI REGION

- to contribute to the development of culture and of youth \' s art . To give to the children as well as to their teachers the opportunity to learn about the new tendencies in art and in pedagogy , to show them the works of young composers , poets , directors , choreographers in order to expand their repertoire .
- to contribute to the mutual understanding of children from different countries by proclaiming and bringing into life the principals of peace and tolerance

Main events :
• Competition in different categories;
• Opening ceremony ;
• Excursions to the most beautifully historical places in the Czech Republic
• Teachers club ( creative meetings ) & VIP banquets with the famous arts people & media
• Entertainment for children, meetings with foreign groups, parties,
• Awarding ceremony and gala concert .
The competition is held in the following cathegories:
*Choreography (folk, classical, modern, variety dance, disco, hip-hop, break dance, ball & Latino dance, jazz, step)
*Singing (folk, academic, variety) – solo, groups and choirs
*Singing for the students of music schools (folk, academic, variety) – solo, groups and choirs;
*Folk instruments – groups (large and small), orchestras
* Instrumental music – groups
The application form must be submited to the organisation comittee by the
The festival performance will be evaluated by an expert international jury.
General conditions & program by request!
Age limits for participants: 10 – 24 years.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!
Organization committee
of Winter Fairytale

J& S Group s.r.o
Vaclavske namesti 1,
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420-267911785
Fax: +420 -267911783

GSM: +420 731 484 366
+420 605 252 222

E-mail: jsgroup-market@praha-cz.net

Anastasia Drbalova
9 Jan 2010 - 10 Jan 2010
Brest (Bretagne - France)

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Week end de danse serbe et macédonienne

Ce week end sera animé par Milan Radovanovic. Il sera organisé en deux parties : un groupe de danseurs débutants et un groupe de danseurs plus avancés.
Contact : Marie-France et Joël Perchoc

10 Jan 2010
Blagoevgrad, Bulgarie

Site internet
II Municipales survakari groupes festival

II municipales groupes survakari Festival aura lieu le Janvier 9, 2010 Square Georgi Izmirliev à Blagoevgrad.

L'organisateur est la municipalité de Blagoevgrad.

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