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080700 - Orthodox Chants – Nikola Ghiuselev
Artist: Nikola Ghiuselev, Sofia Orthodox Choir
Label: Gega New

Orthodox chants recorded at Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. Nikola Ghiuselev – bass, artistic director and coductor is Miroslav Popsavov. The performers are Alexander Grechaninov, Priest Vasilii Zinoviev, Michail Strokin, Grigorii Lybimov, Pavel Chesnokov, Dobri Hristov, Petar Dinev, Apostol Nikolaev-Stroumsky.

The CD furthers the development of one of the main repertoire trends in the production of Gega New, liturgical music performed by Bulgarian singers and ensembles. At the same time, this is the company's third release of the world-famous Bulgarian opera singer Nicola Ghiuselev. The interpretation of East-Orthodox chants is a sphere which no other Bulgarian singer has dared to approach after the death of Boris Christoff, the great bass. Ghiuselev's success is all the more significant, if we take into consideration the fact that alongside his attitude and musical skills he also demonstrates a deep penetration into the musical and poetic text of the chants. By achieving the sound specific for the genre and giving up the bel canto vocal characteristics Ghiuselev raises up his prayers and glorifies God with all the appropriate reservedness and beauty of the musical line. All chants are by Bulgarian and Russian composers, known for both their church and secular music. Melodic and beautifully harmonized, they render the atmosphere of pious and peaceful resignation. Ghiuselev's bass is in perfect harmony with the resounding sonority of the Sofia Orthodox Choir.

1 Litany of Fervent Supplication 5'57"                      
2 The Creed 4'26"                      
3 We Hymn Thee, We Bless Thee 2'49"                      
4 Now Lettest Thou Depart 2'54"                      
5 Blessed is The Man 5'10"                      
6 The Mystical Sacrifice 4'26"                      
7 God With Us 3'57"                      
8 Deliver, O God Thy People 3'57"                      
9 Praise Ye The Name of The Lord 4'34"                      
10 The Judicious Villain 2'53"                      
11 Great Doxology 10'40"                      
12 The Legend of 12 Robbers – Russian Folk Song 7'14"                      

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