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170107 - Bulgarian Stage Dances - Zornitsa Ensemble
Artist: Zornitsa Dance Ensemble
Label: N/A
Year: 2007

Price: €14.00
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The DVD includes 12 dances of all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria performed by Zornitsa students’ folklore ensemble from Sofia with artistic director Emil Genov. The recording was made on 15 December 2007 at the concert on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ensemble in the Army Theatre in Sofia.
1 On Dobrudzha fields 12'05"                      
choreography: Methodi Koutev, music: Atanas Valchev                      
2 Thracian Youth 6'09"                      
choreography: Ivan Todorov, music: Alexander Popov                      
3 Girl's Spring Dance 6'43"                      
choreography: Atanas Atanasov, music: Dimitar Kolev                      
4 Thracian Dances 6'47"                      
choreography: Dimitar Zankov, music: folklore                      
5 The Comitadji's Beloved 6'49"                      
choreography: Kiril Haralampiev, music: Kiril Stefanov                      
6 Northern Impression 4'26"                      
choreography: Methodi Koutev, music: Yordan Draganov                      
7 Three Shoppes - Three Buffoons 4'55"                      
choreography: Georgi Abrashev, music: Hristo Todorov                      
8 Women's Shoppian Dance 4'54"                      
choreography: Dimitar Dimitrov, music: Petar Petrov                      
9 Petrunino 5'52"                      
choreography: Emil Genov, music: Plamen Evtimov                      
10 Northerners 3'49"                      
choreography: Methodi Koutev, music: Yordan Draganov                      
11 Plays of Vidin 6'11"                      
choreography: Emil Genov, music: Yordan Draganov                      
12 Shoppian Suite 9'22"                      
choreography: Methodi Koutev, music: Yordan Draganov                      

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