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019000 - Titla - Theodosii Spassov
Artist: Theodosii Spassov - kaval
Label: Gega New

Price: €10.00 €7.00
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The Titla CD consists of 18 compositions performed by Theodosii Spassov and many of the best musicians of Bulgaria. The title means a hard soil (in Kostenets dialect) and every CD contains a small package of authentic soil from the same region. The performances are with participation of:
Yildiz Ibrahimova – vocal; Theodosii Spassov – kaval, melodica, dvoyanka; Ognian Videv – guitar; Rumen Toskov – piano, harpsichord, bass synthesizer; Georgi Donchev – bass, gadulka; Stoyan Yankulov – tupan, percussion, tarambouka; Galina Durmushliiska – vocal; Ateshhan Yuseinov – guitar; Hristo Yotsov – percusiion; Western Districts Vocal Quartet (Pavlina Gorcheva, Slavyana Ivanova, Sofia Ilieva, natalia Ivanova); Kiril Georgiev – percussion; Elena Dineva – vocal; Dimitar Todorov – bagpipe; Georgi petrov – gadulka; Robert Kumbeliev – bass; Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, conducted by Hrostofor Radanov; Lyubomir Vladimirov – tamboura; Simeon Shterev – flute; Vesselin Ivanov – bass; Danislav kehayov – vocal. Music by Theodosii Spassov (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17), Arranged by Theodosii Spassov(13)

Published by: Gega New
ID: GD 272

1 Shake It, Gergina 2'18"                      
2 Straldja Rachenitsa - traditional 1'42"                      
3 In the President’s Bedroom 4'44"                      
4 Oh Those Years - traditional 4'19"                      
5 At the Carding – Frame in Kubrat 5'08"                      
6 Levochevski Patatnik 2'48"                      
7 Share – room Brothers 6'33"                      
8 the Mountain Got Dark - traditional 1'59"                      
9 Titla (Tropanka) 2'31"                      
10 You Bird, You Nightingale 3'15"                      
11 Wood-Nymph Dance 2'41"                      
12 Duckling Soup 3'41"                      
13 Little Sun – traditional 1'52"                      
14 Our Horo 5'49"                      
15 Cradle Over the Sea 3'39"                      
16 Yanka Karakachanka 3'21"                      
17 In the Pigsty 3'06"                      
18 When I Was a Shepherd - traditional 1'55"                      

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