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016900 - Pirin Folk songs, Zdravka and Pirinka Hristovi
Artist: Zdravka and Pirinka Hristovi
Label: Gega New

Price: €10.00 €7.00
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The CD contains 19 pieces, performed by the sisters Zdravka and Pirinka Hristovs. They skillfully present the songs from the region of Pirin and share with the folklore admirers from over the world their experience of the traditions preserved during the centuries in their birthplace – the town of Bansko. Besides the traditional instruments - tamboura, kaval, gaida and tarambouka the accompanying orchestra plays also percussions, violoncello and contrabass. GD 264
Published by: Gega New

1 Oj, Lenche 2'40"   Mp3 Sample                  
2 Otdolu ide sharena kola 2'08"   Mp3 Sample                  
3 Pusta mladost 1'57"   Mp3 Sample                  
4 Tsarno mi joko ergenche 2'55"                      
5 Oro se vie 2'45"                      
6 Sluntse se slega da zajde 2'02"                      
7 Mori, tragnali sa le malchi momi 1'58"   Mp3 Sample                  
8 Jubava e bila 4'32"                      
9 Marko Elena jostave 1'17"                      
10 Pustite nashi dve dumi 2'49"                      
11 Stegaj se, Rade 1'35"                      
12 Todorche le, libe le 2'05"                      
13 Po drum, mome 2'06"                      
14 Marko kove 2'17"                      
15 Stani, stani, shcherko le 2'11"                      
16 Tragnala moma za voda 2'19"                      
17 Mor’f, Elenko 0'52"                      
18 Vav nedelja stanash mlada nevesta 2'53"   Mp3 Sample                  
19 Da znajat malkaite momi 2'52"   Mp3 Sample                  

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