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010160 - Trio "Bulgarka-Penev"
Artist: Snejana Borissova, Bulgarian Artists
Label: Gega New

Price: €10.00
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Trio "Bulgarka-Penev" has undertaken the ambitious task to represent the vocal variety of Bulgarian musical folklore. Snejana Borissova, Maya Dencheva and Stoyanka Boneva, together with composer Dimiter Penev lead us brilliantly through the Shoppe region, Thrace, the Pirin Mountains region, North Bulgaria, Strandja and the Rhodope Mountains. The songs are now jocular, now playful, now drawling and lyrical. The three singers are from different folk regions: Snejana Borissova is from the Shoppe region, Maya Dencheva comes from North Bulgaria and Stoyanka Boneva from the Pirin Mountains. The credit for the unity of the three different styles of performance, for the covering of other fascinating folk regions goes to Dimiter Penev. His compositional approach is as close as possible to the original version of each song. And the matching partnership of the musicians from the Bolyari Orchestra increases the feeling for a multi-coloured home-woven rug with its unique colours and patterns.
01 RIDING A HORSE (Konya yazdi) - Shoppe Region 2'36"                      
02 YOU WALNUT-TREE TWIG (Veiko oreova) - Shoppe Region 3'16"                      
03 OH, MATSE (Oi, Matse) - Macedonia 1'11"                      
04 MOTHER CUT OUT (Skroi mi mama) - Thrace 2'24"                      
05 WHITE RADA (Byalo Rade) - Dobrudja 1'27"                      
06 FOG HAS FALLEN (Padna mugla) - Shoppe Region 4'44"                      
07 THE EGG-MAN IS COMING (Kukusheryat ide) - Sevlievo District 2'57"                      
08 YOU CAN MAKE ME, MOTHER (Karai, maicho) - The Rhodopes 2'13"                      
09 OH, COME, FELIDJE (Oi ela mi, Felidje) - Macedonia 3'15"                      
10 OH, YOU SHEPHERD (Oi, choban, choban) - Thrace 2'08"                      
11 I'M STRUMMING MY REBEC (Kemene mi drunka) - Graovo Region 3'47"                      
12 A YOUNG DRIVER (Kiradjiiche) - Pirin 4'43"                      
13 THE MOON HAS RISEN (Izgreyala e mesechinka) - North Bulgaria 2'09"                      
14 SMILYANA - Macedonia 4'14"                      
15 JOKES (Ishu, ishu) - Pazardjik District 2'44"                      
16 MY BELOVED KALYO (Sevdim Kalyo) - Strandja 2'14"                      
17 IF ONLY YOU KNEW, MOTHER (Da znaish, maicho) - The Rhodopes 2'26"                      
18 A PEONY HAS BLOSSOMED (Tsuftelo e ruja) - Macedonia 3'33"                      

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