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010133 - Pletenitsa - Peyo Peev gadulka
Artist: Peyo Peev - gadulka
Label: Gega New
Year: 2008

Price: €10.00 €7.00
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For centuries the gadulka has been among the most favourite instruments in Bulgaria. While in the past it was used only in some folk regions, today it is widely popular throughout the country. Since the middle of the 20th century, it has been invariably included in the folk music orchestras in all regions of Bulgaria. This brought about a change in the musical concept of the folk musicians. They began to unite melodies and techniques characteristic for various folk regions or other genres. They managed to prove that even though the gadulka is a more primitive instrument, it can still compete technically with the classical string instruments.

The CD "Pletenitsa - Peyo Peev gadulka" GD 328 includes 10 instrumental Bulgarian melodies performed by Peyo Peev gadulka.

With the participation of: Theodosii Spassov - kaval, Stoyan Yankulov – percussion, Angel Dimitrov – guitar, Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, conductor Hristofor Radanov, Peter Milanov – guitar, Kostadin Kostov – tupan, Dimitar Bogdanov – vocals; Petar Ralchev – accordion, Hristo Yotsov – percussion, Nikolai Antov - guitar, Krassimira Paurova – violin, Borislava Vassileva – violin, Gergana Chukleva – viola, Theodora Teneva – violoncello, Nedyalko Nedyalkov - kaval

Recorded at: JAM Studio, balance – Simeon Peshev, and Studio 2 of the Bulgarian National Radio

1 Pashovo horo 4'59"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music and arrangement Peyo Peev
2 Malka impresiya 4'28"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music Peyo Peev, arrangement Hristofor Radanov
3 Po graovski 5'23"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music and arrangement Peyo Peev
4 Veliko mome 3'57"   Mp3 Sample                  
  arrangement: Peyo Peev, solo: Dimitar Bogdanov
5 Darakchiiska rachenitsa 4'02"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music and arrangement Peyo Peev
6 Kato ot Bech 3'51"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music and arrangement Peyo Peev
7 Ne znam 4'23"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music and arrangement Peyo Peev
8 Salza 3'28"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music and arrangement Peyo Peev
9 Razlaka 4'50"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music: Peyo Peev, arrangement: Georgi Andreev and Peyo Peev
10 Pletenitsa 5'16"   Mp3 Sample                  
  music and arrangement Peyo Peev

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