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010120 - Stefan Mutafchiev and Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv
Artist: Trakia Ensemble
Label: Gega New
By: Dobrinka Nenova
Year: 2007

Price: €10.00 €7.00
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The CD "Stefan Mutafchiev and Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv" includes 12 Bulgarian folk songs and music performed by Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv.

The present album features one of Stefan Mutafciev's most beautiful works - Erkechki ritmi, Temen Gyuro, Praznichna suita, ect. Together with Sednalo e Gyore and Oi shope, shope, we can also listen to the not so well-known but still remarkable songs: 'Oi mori, kavale', 'Lele, Yano', 'Sedi moma', ect. They all form a rich collection, which is only a small part of the great art of the composer Stefan Mutafchiev.
1 Temen Gyuro 2'31"   Mp3 Sample                  
2 Fimiyko 3'21"   Mp3 Sample                  
3 Six songs from Varnensko 6'49"   Mp3 Sample                  
4 Sedi moma 4'57"                      
5 Sednalo e Gyore 1'47"   Mp3 Sample                  
6 Erkechki ritmi 5'40"                      
7 Eight spring songs 10'28"                      
8 Oi Shoppe, Shoppe 3'19" Lyrics Mp3 Sample                  
9 Oi mori, kavale 5'40"                      
10 Hubava moma 6'58"   Mp3 Sample                  
11 Lele, Yano 5'10"                      
12 Praznichna suita 4'27"   Mp3 Sample                  

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