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014000 - Rhodopea Kaba Trio Folk Songs - Volume 2
Artist: Rhodopea Kaba Trio
Label: Gega New

Price: 19.50 лв 13.65 лв
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Bulgarian folk songs from the Rhodope mountains, performed by Rhodopea Kaba Trio - Christina Lyutova (Hristina Lyutova), Verginia Ovcharova and Mariana Pavlova. The music is composed and conducted by Stefan Dragostinov. GD 124

After the success of the first CD of the RHODOPEA Kaba Trio (GD 183), the second release of the trio features again Rhodope songs from RHODOPEA's repertoire. This time the trio performs accompanied by an instrumental group, rather than a cappella. Of particular interest are the songs by Stefan Dragostinov. They demonstrate the broad range of the singers' unique vocal abilities. Their beautiful alto voices are close in timbre to the sounding of the Rhodope kaba bagpipe. That is why the songs, recorded in an authentic unison with Georgi Kichukov's kaba bagpipe, fascinate the listeners.

1 Selo, selo 3'04"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
2 Sbirayte, momi, poprelki 2'46"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
3 Mitro, Mitro 2'50"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
4 Medley of three songs 8'13"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
Haidutine sa moleha                      
Kara li ta, Ruske le                      
Karagyoz vakal, kamatan                      
5 Karai, maicho 2'25"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
6 Pustana dolna mahalo 2'27"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
7 Raditse muri, houbava 1'41"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
8 De sa e chulo, videlo 2'53"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
9 Duma sa duma ot stari lyude 3'24"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
10 Zaburil beh da sa jenya 2'41"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
11 Rosni mi rosni Rositse 3'44"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
12 A bre, yunache 2'17"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
13 Zadali sa se podali 2'38"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
14 Gaidine sviryat 2'48"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
15 Dew, fine dew is falling - choir 3'53"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
16 Sharen sandok 1'46"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
17 Molih ta, maicho & son mi doide na ochise 3'49"   Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                

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