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164600 - Passing with the time - Popular Bulgarian Folk Songs
Label: Gega New
Year: 2004

Price: €10.00 €7.00
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The album `Passing with the Time` includes 23 well-known and beloved Bulgarian folklore songs, compiled by Milen Slavov - composer, music producer, and accordionist. The songs sound as close as it is possible to the authentic ones – singing without accompaniment, playing of only one instrument, or singing accompanied by one instrument.

Published by: Gega New
GD 295

1 Petur kulelo djalashe - voice with arrangement 3'00"   Mp3 Sample                  
2 Kulibare – gaida 1'51"   Mp3 Sample                  
3 Ginkinata – kaval 3'12"   Mp3 Sample                  
4 U Nedini ravni dvori – gadulka 2'51"   Mp3 Sample                  
5 Snoshti sum, male, sidjala - voice and gadulka 2'20"   Mp3 Sample                  
6 Dimcho le, gaidardziiche le – voice 1'47"   Mp3 Sample                  
7 Sitno hodi, Nedo – gaida 2'14"   Mp3 Sample                  
8 Stanka na dvori sedeshe – gadulka 1'49"   Mp3 Sample                  
9 Prez gora vurvjaha – voice 1'18"   Mp3 Sample                  
10 Pustono ludo i mlado – kaval 2'07"   Mp3 Sample                  
11 Selo, selo – gadulka 1'34"   Mp3 Sample                  
12 Panju Pashata - voice and gaida 2'21"   Mp3 Sample                  
13 Ginkinata – voice 1'59"   Mp3 Sample                  
14 Bjala Stana – gaida 2'15"   Mp3 Sample                  
15 Proviknal se Deli Dimo - gadulka 2'16"   Mp3 Sample                  
16 Kulibare - voice and kaval 2'00"   Mp3 Sample                  
17 Kitka ot dve pesni – gadulka 2'18"   Mp3 Sample                  
18 Ja kazhi, kazhi, Kalino – gaida 1'31"   Mp3 Sample                  
19 Dimu si varka konetu – voice 1'13"   Mp3 Sample                  
20 Vurvi mi, konche - voice and gaida 1'59"   Mp3 Sample                  
21 Baino mi sa, ljube le, pozakani – kaval 2'28"   Mp3 Sample                  
22 Bulku Elenku – gadulka 1'53"   Mp3 Sample                  
23 Zasvirili mi sa dor tri mi gaidi - voice and accordion 2'59"   Mp3 Sample                  

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