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010100 - Folk Dances from the Region of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - CD 1
Artist: Zornitsa Orchestra, Hristina Boteva
Label: Balkanfolk
Year: 1998

Price: €10.00 €6.50
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This CD is composed of 23 musical pieces of authentic folk dances, performed by Zornitsa orchestra, Sofia - Bulgaria. There are a few folk songs included in the CD, presented by folk singer Hristina Boteva (12, 13, 15, 17). The music on the CD is taken from the book of Ivan Donkov - "Folk Dance from the Region of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria"
1 Parvata 2/4 1'39"   Mp3 Sample                  
2 Drebnickata, Racenica na part 7/8 2'08"   Mp3 Sample                  
3 Aj naljavo, aj nadjasno 2/4 1'54"   Mp3 Sample                  
4 Sevdaninata, Iskijskata, Marijkinata 5/8 2'02"   Mp3 Sample                  
5 Jakovata 7/8 1'58"   Mp3 Sample                  
6 Vrastanata 5/8 1'47"   Mp3 Sample                  
7 Marijka dari tacese 5/8 2'13"   Mp3 Sample                  
8 Kak se cuka cer piper 2/4 1'52" Lyrics Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
9 Cerkezkata, Preckata 9/8 2'24"   Mp3 Sample                  
10 Kucaj, kucaj mome 7/8 2'28"   Mp3 Sample                  
11 Tilalin vika 2/4 1'56"   Mp3 Sample                  
12 Yankinata 7/8 2'31" Lyrics Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
13 Eleno mome 7/8 2'16" Lyrics Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
14 Pravo severnjasko horo 2/4 2'05"   Mp3 Sample                  
15 Katarinkinata 2/4 1'43"   Mp3 Sample                  
16 Sitno vlasko horo 2/4 2'51"   Mp3 Sample                  
17 Tilalin vika 2/4 2'01" Lyrics Mp3 Sample Buy mp3                
18 Pajdusko horo 5/8 2'25"   Mp3 Sample                  
19 Racenica na horo 7/8 3'00"   Mp3 Sample                  
20 Kojcovata 9/8 1'49"   Mp3 Sample                  
21 Svistovsko horo 2/4 1'53"   Mp3 Sample                  
22 Abaskata 9/8 2'32"   Mp3 Sample                  
23 Cerkezkata 9/8 1'35"   Mp3 Sample                  

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